Cloud-based PBX – Top 7 Marketing Advantages Compared to a Traditional Telephone System

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A hosted Cloud-based VoIP System or Hosted PBX services provide many significant advantages over the purchase or use of a traditional telephone system because they furnish advanced telephone system features as a service over the Internet. Many of those advanced features are expensive to deploy as part of a telephone system. Hosted PBX service is delivered with equipment located on the premises of the provider. This means a business does not need to invest in a telephone system to take advantage of its rich features and capabilities. In most cases, only phones will need to be purchased or leased which are considerably less expensive than a phone system’s common equipment.

Because the financial improvements of a hosted solution are so compelling, most comparisons only focus on the dollars and cents. However, the operational, service and marketing gains can be more powerful and should not be overlooked. Here are the top 7 marketing advantages:

1Cloud-based PBX services can provide their customers with published telephone numbers in market areas where they do not have a presence. Now companies can test new market areas and provide the feel of a local presence with minimal investment.

2Businesses can relocate without ever having to change their telephone number. This can be across town or into another state. With businesses have to grow and expand this can reduce the cost to otherwise relocate a KSU (key system unit) much less than a hosted service.

3Key personnel can be recruited from other cities and states with the availability of telecommuting. Outsourcing your staff to remote locations has become very more popular and remote workers can be more efficient when they can work flexible hours.

4Supporting a business within or under a parent company can get costly and complicated to manage. An independent telephone identity (multiple published numbers in hunt) and communications for a “Tenant” can be expensive or impossible on some traditional telephone systems. Using Hosted PBX services reduces the complications and removes the cost barrier for providing professional call processing and published telephone numbers for each tenant.

5Mobile PBX feature integrates an employee’s mobile phone with the desk phone of a Hosted PBX service. Companies can live up to the personal level of service that they have promised when employees can get their calls no matter where they are.

6Small companies can have their incoming calls automatically handled with the grace of a large company’s ultra-flexible auto attendant system. This can greatly improve the professional image for a small organization.

7Providing toll-free numbers to attract and simplify the way customers or prospects reach a business is a great use of marketing dollars. With Hosted VoIP providers, obtaining, managing and reporting toll-free numbers is cost effective and simple.

The many marketing advantages of a Hosted PBX service can make it an ideal choice for most small business. These large PBX capabilities are delivered to the customer for a fraction of the cost of a small phone system. Beside the marketing benefits, there are many financial, service and operational gains for deploying a Hosted PBX service in a business.

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