What are the Benefits of Live Call Monitoring with a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

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live call monitoring hosted voip phone systemIf you ask employees why they love their hosted VoIP phone system and would sooner call in sick or stage a sit-in before going back to a conventional landline system, they’ll usually focus on features, features and yet more features.

Indeed, whether they’re using video conferencing to connect face-to-face with colleagues, getting voicemails and faxes delivered to their inbox, creating customized auto-attendant greetings — and the list goes on — the biggest complaint that employees have about a hosted VoIP phone system is that they didn’t get one sooner.

At the same time, supervisors are also big hosted VoIP phone system fans thanks to a innovative feature called Live Call Monitoring.

What is Live Call Monitoring?

As the term suggests, Live Call Monitoring is a feature that allows supervisors (as well as managers, mentors, or any other authorized hosted VoIP phone system user) to listen-in on a colleague’s call while it’s taking place, in order to achieve the following key benefits:

1. Enhance Training and Ensure Compliance

Supervisors can silently monitor conversations between subordinates and customers to identify talents that can be celebrated and applauded (e.g. skillfully de-escalating a potentially confrontational situation), as well as detecting errors that can be fixed and weaknesses that can be strengthened. Supervisors can also ensure compliance with prevailing policies and regulations, such as those relating to the release of sensitive information.

2. Engage to Improve Customer Experience

While monitoring conversations, supervisors can privately engage subordinates to offer advice and instructions that improve overall customer experience (e.g. “we’ve just received word that the inventory has arrived and so you can tell the customer we can ship it out today.”) The line of communication is exclusively between the supervisor and subordinate, and as such there is no risk that customers will ever hear anything.

3. Intervene to Provide Timely Information

There are also scenarios when supervisors may want to actively insert themselves into the conversation, such as when a customer is on hold because a subordinate has been called away to attend a high priority call or personal emergency. In such cases, supervisors can easily jump in and create a three-way conference, and then just as easily remove themselves and restore the normal two-way call.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Live Call Monitoring isn’t just a win for supervisors: it’s also highly beneficial for employees who get the training, guidance and teamwork they need — especially during busy, hectic times when it’s all hands on deck!

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