What are the Benefits of Live Call Monitoring with a Hosted Cloud Phone System?

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If you ask employees what they love about their hosted cloud phone system, you’ll get a similar answer. The wide variety of features is always at the top of the list.

Whether they’re getting voicemails and faxes delivered directly to their inbox, using video conferencing to connect with colleagues, creating customized auto-attendant to streamline things — or any of the hundreds of features available — the biggest complaint you will hear from employees is why didn’t we get these phones sooner?!?

In fact, you’ll find some of the biggest supporters of cloud-based phone systems are supervisors. They love features like Live Call Monitoring.

Live Call Monitoring, What’s That?

Live Call Monitoring is just what it sounds like. It’s a feature that gives managers (as well as trainers or other authorized users) the ability to listen in on a coworker’s call in real-time. Here are just some of the resulting benefits:

1. Improve Training, Performance, and Adherence to Company Guidelines

By being able to discreetly monitor employee/customer conversation, supervisors can better determine calling skills that can be celebrated and praised as well as uncover mistakes that can be remedied and shortcomings that can be improved upon. Live call monitoring is another tool to ensure that agents are complying with company policies and rules. This can be especially useful when dealing with proprietary information or trade secrets.

2. Improved Customer Support

Using Whisper Mode during a live customer interaction, supervisors can discreetly communicate to employees timely information to benefit the interaction (e.g. “We’ve just found out the delayed shipment has arrived. Let your customer know we can ship it out today.”) Because the conversation is only between the supervisor and employee, the information can be supplied in confidence without the customer’s knowledge.

3. Intercede to Deliver Timely Information

There may arise a situation where a manager needs to actively intervene in a conversation. Let’s say an emergency arises while a customer is on hold. In a situation like this, a supervisor is able to step in and create a three-way conference, and even tale over the call, if needed.

Win Win

Live Call Monitoring isn’t just a benefit for supervisors: it is a tremendous benefit for improving employee satisfaction and training. Customers benefit from increased quality and service. And, of course, the company benefits from reduced employee turnover, improved customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, increased sales.

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