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Wilmington, North Carolina offers a village charm and a cosmopolitan lifestyle, the Wilmington Historic River District and Island Beaches offer great dining, unique shops, and vibrant nightlife. Downtown, you can stop at a quaint café, take a garden stroll, tour local film sites, and board Battleship North Carolina.

Visitors in April will see incredible color fill the streets during the North Carolina Azalea Festival. During the summer, the Wilmington area beaches come alive with tourists seeking rest & relaxation plus some of the finest seafood anywhere.

The Wilmington area is filled with business owners that can quickly find the benefits of Carolina Digital Phone’s hosted cloud-based telephone service and save up to 60% over traditional telephone services using your existing internet connection and a digital IP telephone handset. More advanced users will have access to downloading a softphone app from the Apple Store or Android Play store to make, receive calls, and check voice mail just as if they are sitting at your desk.

Experience greater functionality with lower overhead when you choose Carolina Digital Phone as your Wilmington cloud service provider. If you are searching for Wilmington business phone systems, then you definitely want to take a close look at a virtual phone system.

A virtual phone system (a.k.a. cloud-based phone system or VoIP phone system) is a phone system that transmits all communications — including voice, video, texts, and files — over an Internet connection (wired + wireless network), instead of traditional copper wiring. 

When outgoing calls are made using a virtual phone system, an endpoint connection is established between the caller and recipient. After this, voice data is broken up into smaller packets, which then travel over the internet. When the packet reaches the recipient, it is converted back into voice data.

Of course, all of this happens automatically in the background. As far as callers and recipients are concerned, everything sounds and feels like regular, predictable telephone calls using a regular phone. 

Call Management 

A critical advantage that virtual phone systems have over traditional landline phone systems is call management functionality — especially when it comes to a couple of must-have features: call routing and call forwarding.

  • Call routing is the default call path for inbound calls based on interactive voice response (IVR) or an established routing pattern. 
  • Call forwarding (as the name suggests!) forwards calls to designated devices, so that the calling party does not have to dial another number to reach the intended recipient. For example, if a Sales Rep is unable to answer a call at their desk after business hours, call forwarding could kick in and automatically forward the call to their mobile phone. If the call still isn’t answered, then the call could be forwarded to their home phone (or another cell phone). And if it remained unanswered, then the call would go to voicemail. (Note that this call path is just an example — any call path is possible!).

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Other Advanced Features

Other advanced features that come STANDARD with Carolina Digital Phone’s all-in-one business VoIP phone system (see note below) include:

Mobile App (iOS and Android)
Dial by Name Directory (first or last)
Dial by Extension
Complete Call History
Call Recording
Custom Hold Music
International Call Block
Caller ID
Caller ID Block
Do Not Disturb
Call Waiting
Distinctive Rings
G-Suite Integration
Standard Fax Machine Integration
Visual Voicemail
Centralized Voicemail
Voicemail to Email
Voicemail to Email w/Text Transcription
Voicemail Indicator
Unified Messaging
Team Messaging
Handset Paging
Video Conferencing
Blind Call Transfer
Attended Call Transfer
Voicemail Transfer
Advanced Call Routing
Auto Attendant (multiple languages)
Auto Attendant for Every User
Hunt Groups
Round Robin Groups
Call Forward Externally
Call Forward Main Numbers
Location Flexibility

  • Note: 100% of the features in this list are STANDARD with Carolina Digital Phone’s all-in-one virtual phone system. This is NOT the case with most of our competitors, who have tiered pricing for basic features vs. advanced features.

For example, if you want four of the most popular and important features — Mobile Apps for remote workers, Auto-Attendant, Voicemail-to-Email with Transcription, and Call Recording — then you will have to pay for a higher tier. Again, this is not the case with us. We offer a wide range of more than 150 advanced features at no extra cost! 

Hosted Virtual Phone Systems vs. SIP Trunking

There are two types, or models, of virtual phone systems: hosted and SIP trunking:

  • A hosted virtual phone system is housed, operated, and updated by the VoIP services provider (i.e., the vendor who sells and services the system). It is a pure native cloud-based solution.
  • SIP trunking is essentially the digital version of an analog phone line. Without drilling too deep into the technical details, think of SIP trunking as a bridge that links an on-premise private branch exchange (PBX) equipment to VoIP phone lines. 

Which Type is Better?

Which of these virtual Wilmington business phone systems is superior? In our experience, and based on what we have seen, heard, and experienced in over 20 years of serving customers throughout North Carolina, hosted is hands-down a better option. There are several reasons why:

Initial Costs

With a virtual phone system, initial costs are very low, as there is no need to purchase costly PBX equipment. This is not the case with SIP trunking. The average cost for a PBX system is approximately $1000 per user (and it can run significantly higher!). 

Ongoing Costs

With a virtual phone system, ongoing costs are highly affordable and can start as with us start as low as $6/month per user for basic plans, and can climb to around $30/month for an advanced plan (but certainly a very affordable plan, too!). With SIP trunking, monthly fees typically start at around $30/month per user, but the cost per employee can be much higher based on needs and tiers.


This is a BIG deal for many companies. With a virtual phone system, all maintenance is handled by the vendor, and if you choose a reputable partner like Carolina Digital Phone, you can expect a world-class level of service at all times. However, with SIP trunking customers must handle service and maintenance themselves — and it’s not cheap! The average salary for a VoIP engineer in Wilmington, North Carolina is now $87,205 a year but can exceed $100,000 given the limited supply of experienced, trained, and certified specialists. And if your in-house technical team needs to call a VoIP specialist to fix a difficult problem, then prepare to pay an hourly rate that starts at around $100/hour (and we won’t even talk about the cost of after-hours/emergency help, because we don’t want to dial up anyone’s blood pressure!)

Let’s say that you decide to relocate your business elsewhere in Wilmington (or anywhere else in North Carolina or the U.S. for that matter). With hosted VoIP,  you simply unplug your digital phones from your old location and plug them into your new location. There is no re-wiring or re-configuration. However, with SIP trunking you are dependent on licensing and support from the PBX provider, which means that relocation and expansion are going to be quite expensive for you (and quite profitable for your provider!). 

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Cody Allen
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Mathew Stockstad
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I have had many phone services over my 30+ years in practice. This is by far the best service that I have ever had. The customer service is amazing. I can not recommend Carolina Digital enough!
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Saul Guerrero
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The support of this company is amazing. One of my routers went down in my rack of equipment. The crew came back onsite and they worked with me after hours to get my equipment back online. Carolina Digital takes pride in what they do and also their customers! I highly recommend this company. 5 STARS 🙂
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Zimmerman Carpet Cleaners
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We specifically work with one technician and she's always super helpful and super nice. She understands how to get things done and ensures that its all fully taken care of before she even thinks about leaving it with us. She is always quick to respond. When we have outages, questions, etc, they're right there in a quick way. Thanks so much Carolina Digital. Thank you Chris Villa. We appreciate you all so much
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Don Kim
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Great Service for my business (SMARTCARE)
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Tom Thornton
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We've been using Carolina Digital for years now. Great system, service and price!
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Sam Coates
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We receive excellent service from Chris and others at Carolina Digital Phone.
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Christine Olson
May 4, 2021.
Carolina Digital was so helpful to us when we had to transition to a virtual office. The service is great and the people are so helpful. The virtual phone system works better than what we were using in our office and they have a great online dashboard that is very easy to use. We are sticking with them even when we go back to a real office.
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Randy Hoover
April 16, 2021.
Excellent Service, actually the best vendor we work with. Staff is exceptional and responsive.