4 Ways that a Digital Phone System for Business Pays for Itself (and Then Some!)

man saving money with digital phone for business

As we all know, the best investments in life are those that “pay for themselves.” Here are 4 reasons why a VoIP digital phone for business belongs in this category:

1. A Digital Phone System for Your Business Dramatically Lowers Remote Worker Telecommunication Costs 

Installing a business-grade landline in a home office can cost around $600. On top of this, ongoing fees can be as high as $100 per month (and in some cases more). That means the telecommunication costs for just ONE remote worker can cost your business $1800 in the first year, and then $1200 every year after that. 

With a digital phone for business, there is no need to purchase costly landlines for your remote workers (including hybrid workers who spend part of the time in a home office). They can have their own business-grade phone line for as little as $20 per month with absolutely NO installation or setup fees. 

That’s $240/year per employee with $0 installation costs vs. $1200/year per employee with $600 installation costs. You don’t need to be a CFO to see that a digital phone for business is clearly a better deal and a much smarter investment. 

2. A Digital Phone System for Your Business Eliminates On-Site Maintenance Costs

Maintaining an on-site landline phone system is surprisingly expensive, and can cost you thousands of dollars a year. And if you think that assigning this responsibility to your IT Director will help you save money — think again! 

We’ve crunched the numbers: IT Directors who spend 40 hours per month on various on-site landline phone system tasks cost an average of $28,104 per year in labor expenses.  

However, if you have a digital phone for your business, then your on-site maintenance costs are not merely lower: they are ELIMINATED. All maintenance, including updates and upgrades, is handled by the Solutions Provider. That’s great news for your business (and your IT Director!). 

3. A Digital Phone for Business Eliminates Domestic Long-Distance Costs

Landline phone companies like to advertise “unlimited domestic long-distance calling.” But what they don’t put in the headline is that it’s NOT FREE. 

For example, for unlimited long-distance calling A&TT charges $50 per month, per line. That means if you have 3 phone lines, you’ll be paying $150 a month/$1,800 a year just to make unlimited domestic long-distance calls on ONE line. This doesn’t really seem all that “free” does it?

With a digital phone for your business, your total cost for domestic long-distance calls is ZERO, whether you have 3 lines or 30. And your employees don’t have to be in the office to make free domestic long-distance costs. They can use their smartphone to make calls from anywhere.

4. A Digital Phone for Business Ensures Continuity During Natural Disasters and Power Outages

In a Gartner survey, 98% of companies stated the cost of downtime ranged from $100,000 to $540,000 per hour. And the reputation damage can last for years — especially for smaller and mid-sized businesses, which may never get a second chance to win back unhappy customers.  

With a digital phone system for your business, your employees will still be able to make/receive calls during a local power outage caused by a natural disaster (or any other reason). They simply use an app on their smartphone or use their computer that is powered by a backup power system. 

Think about it: a power outage that lasts half a day could cost your business thousands of dollars in lost sales and productivity, along with reputation damage. With a digital phone system, you’ll avoid this massive expense — and you may even pick up some profitable new customers from your competition! 

The Bottom Line

The best investments are those that take the shortest path to value and pay for themselves many times over. A digital phone system for your business fits this definition. It is a profitable asset, not a costly liability. 

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