4 Ways to Make Calls on a Cloud Telephone System

yealink phone with camera

One of the most beneficial aspects of a cloud telephone system, is that employees and all other authorized system users (e.g. consultants, contractors, remote workers, etc.) can easily make calls in not just one, but four different ways:

IP Phone 

An IP phone (sometimes called a VoIP phone) is designed for placing and transmitting calls over an IP network, instead of a conventional landline public switched telephone network (PSTN). Among the most popular, trusted and recommended IP phones are those in the Yealink T5 Media Phone series.

Installing an IP phone is extremely simple. Simply turn them on, plug them in, and that’s all there is to it! Carolina Digital Phone customers don’t even have to do this much, since our team gets everything set up and ready to use.

Desktop or Laptop Computer

Another convenient way to send and receive calls on a cloud telephone system is through a computer (a.k.a. softphone).

End users simply launch an app on their PC or Mac, or they access the system through the web. They can also use headsets and continue conversations as they move throughout the office.


End users can install a lightweight app on their smartphone or tablet, and access the cloud telephone system anytime, and from anywhere.

What’s more, end users with more than one device can have calls ring on all of them, so they never risk missing an important call.

Analog Phone

Businesses on tight budgets can also install an adapter on their existing analog telephones, and continue using them with the new cloud telephone system. With this in mind, businesses are advised to upgrade to IP phones when it is feasible to do so, so they can access an optimized digital calling experience, and take advantage of all phone features and add-ons such as a color screen expansion module.

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