Startups: Hit the Ground Running with a Cloud Telephone System

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What do Apple, Amazon, Disney and Google have in common? Yes, they’re massive multinational enterprises that employ hundreds of thousands of people, including an army of accountants to keep track of their billions in annual revenues and profits. But there’s something else that these companies have in common that is the stuff of entrepreneurial legend: they were all born in a garage.

If you’re at the helm of a dynamic new startup, it’s important to dream big. After all, if Apple, Amazon, Disney and Google can go from concept to unicorn, why not your company? Yet at the same time, it’s important — make that essential — to be down-to-earth about technology investments. And that’s where a cloud telephone system enters the picture.

Here are the 5 core reasons why a growing number of startups in every sector and industry are choosing a cloud telephone system, and hitting the ground running towards the lofty heights of the Fortune 100:

1. Substantial Cost Savings

The most compelling advantage of a cloud telephone system is simple: compared to a conventional phone system, they deliver substantial cost savings year after year. There are no excessive or prohibitive capital expenses, no maintenance costs, no tech support burden, and all user-to-user calls are free regardless of where staff are located (more on this below).

2. Connect the Entire Team

To keep costs low and at the same time be as agile and flexible as possible, many startups use remote workers and distributed teams. With a conventional telephone system, connecting everyone on the same platform is such a massive cost and administrative burden — which essentially means that for startups it’s impossible, But with a cloud telephone system, everyone can be connected regardless of where they are located or what time zone they’re in.

3. Stay Lean but Look Big

Startups need to stay lean — but they can’t afford to “look small” when it comes to engaging customers and impressing strategic partners; especially if there is enterprise-level competition in the marketplace. With a cloud telephone system, everyone on the team can have their own extension and private voicemail box. What’s more, startups can affordably get toll-free numbers and/or numbers in specific cities in order to establish a regional, national or international footprint.

4. Pay as You Grow

Cloud telephone systems are designed for scalability. Startups only purchase the affordable licenses they need. If things go well, startups surge into hyper-growth mode and purchase more licenses on an as-needed basis. Conversely, if they need to consolidate operations and downsize, they simply let licenses expire and scale down accordingly.

5. Total Mobility

In enterprises, employees are often away from their desks. But in startups, employees often don’t have desks! The work landscape for them is anywhere and everywhere: cars, airport lounges, hotel business centers, home offices, Starbucks, libraries…the list goes on. A cloud telephone system is built for total mobility. Team members can access all system features from their smartphone, tablet or desktop (a.k.a. soft phone). They can make and receive calls, chat with colleagues, check on status, and more.

The Bottom Line 

Being at the helm of a startup is exhilarating — and yes, at times it can be kind of terrifying. But that’s the realty for entrepreneurs, and it’s one that many successful “sharks” love so much that they can’t wait to grow their company, sell it (or at least hand over the reins), and launch their next startup. It’s like a roller coaster. Sometimes you scream and can’t understand why you wanted to get on in the first place. But as soon as you reach the end of the ride, you want to get back on again…and again…and again!

A cloud telephone system isn’t a magic wand. But it is a powerful technology-led solution that makes sense for startups on every level that matters: cost, performance, productivity and results. And unlike roller coasters, you don’t have to worry about chipping a tooth or having the guy in the seat in front of you lose his lunch on the second loop!

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