5 VoIP Predictions for 2020

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As we get ready to say goodbye to 2019, let’s gaze into our crystal ball and look at 5 VoIP predictions for the year ahead:

Prediction #1: A record number of SMBs will cut the cord and switch to a hosted VoIP phone system.

Over the last several years, SMBs have been switching in droves from an on-premise phone system to a hosted VoIP phone system. In 2020, we expect the velocity to increase given the undeniable advantages that include generating ongoing cost savings, scalability, flexibility, supporting remote workers, improving customer experience (CX), using advanced calling features, and accessing future-proofed technology.

Prediction #2: More government agencies will embrace hosted VoIP.

In 2020, we expect more government agencies at all levels — federal, state, county, municipality and town — to embrace hosted VoIP in order to save taxpayer money, while they increase control over unified messaging and communications.

Prediction #3: More schools will embrace VoIP.

In 2020, we expect thousands of schools of all sizes — from small charter schools to large multi-campus institutions — to switch to a hosted VoIP phone system. Key reasons for the switch include cost savings, scalability, improved communication with students and parents, and the capacity to deliver courses/seminars remotely. Between 2019 and 2025, the education VoIP market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14%.

Prediction #4: More businesses will add wireless internet backup to their telecommunications infrastructure.

Internet downtime can bring any business to a sudden halt, and most businesses lose the ability to process orders, accept credit cards, utilize aspects of their security system, provide customer service, and use VoIP voice systems. To avoid these risks, in 2020 we expect more businesses to add wireless internet backup (a.k.a. redundant internet connection or a wireless LTE connection) to their telecommunications infrastructure, which ensures that they remain connected to the internet during a natural disaster or man-made event.

Prediction #5: Customer service will emerge as the most important differentiator among VoIP service providers.

Last but definitely not least, in 2020 we expect customer service to be the most important differentiator among VoIP service providers. Of course, this does not mean that price is not a factor. Rather, it means that businesses looking to switch over to a hosted VoIP system, or to replace their existing hosted VoIP system, will pay close attention to whether a prospective service provider has a credible reputation and proven commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. In other words, more businesses will want a dedicated PARTNER instead of a mere VENDOR.

Looking Ahead

No, we don’t actually have a crystal ball. But we are confident that all of these trends will shape and define the VoIP marketplace in 2020 — and for many years to come.

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