Don’t get mad, Get in the cloud with your telephone services

angry woman

Picture the scene, a successful North Carolina based business owner wants to add some new features to her existing phone service. Her clients expect to be able to get in touch with her whenever they need to, so all she wants is out of hours call handling and calls to be forwarded to her cellphone. These services mean that she can keep her business moving and functioning to the best of its ability. Hardly a tall ask you may say. After all, she is a customer with a company that has needs.

And after what seems like days on hold listening to irritating and tinny sounds that are probably meant to be music, she finally gets through to her phone service provider who is more than happy to remind her of how she is a valued customer. After language difficulties and some struggling to make herself understood, she is told by the robotic operator that there would be additional charges for each of these services. And to top it all, apparently they won’t even add on-hold music to her calls without her paying the musicians.

There are countless examples of services like this out there. Business owners getting reeled into an offer only to find that it is not what it’s cracked up to be. And who suffers? Your customers. Does this sound familiar? If you are getting half the services and none of the support, then it is time to take all of your business elsewhere.

There are other options because nobody should settle for terrible service. If the owner of that same successful North Carolina based business had looked for a local service provider such as Carolina Digital Phone, she could have had cloud-based telephone services that would be adaptable to the needs of her business.

Not only would she have got the services such as call transferring, and a way of handling calls out-of-hours she could have had on-hold music as standard. If she wanted menus or greetings ahead of her calls, they could be added. These auto-attendant messages could provide multi-language support.

She could have had queuing systems that could be managed and even better than that, she could also get statistics of her customer’s waiting times. Having this information would be that she could easily monitor and manage the way that her team answered the phone. This would help her to assure that she was not keeping her valued customers on hold in the same way that the last phone provider had done with her.

And of course, the actual phone services were not the only problem with her last provider. The way that they handled her as a customer was terrible. She was held on hold to a call center where language barriers compounded the lack of support. With Carolina Digital Phone, local support means call centers much closer to home, where the language is not an issue.

If only our North Carolina businesswoman had not wasted her precious time and money and had switched to the cloud-based services offered by Carolina Digital Phone much earlier.

Get in the cloud with your business telephone services! Call a member of the Carolina Digital Phone team today (336) 544-4000 or submit an inquiry at this LINK and we will call you back quickly with a professional proposal to replace that old telephone system!