Picture the scene, a successful North Carolina based business owner wants to add some new features to her existing phone service. Her clients expect to be able to get in touch with her whenever they need to, so all she wants is out of hours call handling and calls to be forwarded to her cellphone. These services mean that she can keep her business moving and functioning to the best of its ability. Hardly a tall ask you may say. After all, she is a customer with a company that has needs.And after what seems like days on hold listening...

Recently, we published an article highlighting the unfortunate fact that North State is being acquired by Segra.Why “unfortunate”? Because not only do we expect to see many hard working and loyal North State employees get laid off in the coming months, but also because this is probably going to be bad news for North State’s customers in High Point, Thomasville, Archdale, Randleman, Jamestown, Trinity, Greensboro and Kernersville. We expect they will lose the “small business” relationship and dynamic they had with North State once the acquisition is complete (and probably well before that).In light of this development, we thought it...


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