A Non-Profit Moves Into The 21st Century

Mark Ledford, Director of Facilities at Christ United Methodist Church, a non-profit in Greensboro, NC, is singing the praises of Carolina Digital Phone. When it came time for the church to advance into the 21st Century and move its IT system to the cloud, it only made sense to include cloud-based telephones. That’s when the church chose to work with Carolina Digital Phone.

Outside of working to provide the best possible digital phone system with 99.9% uptime and hundreds of free features plus unparalleled customer service, Carolina Digital Phone Owner/CEO Nicky Smith has always had a big heart for the church and what they do for the local residents. Giving back to the local community, supporting non-profit organizations and the arts is just part of what makes Carolina Digital Phone stand out from other cloud-based telephone providers.

Carolina Digital Phone not only saved them money, which is always a plus for a non-profit organization – but helped Christ United Methodist Church better manage their resources. “It’s just a better service for us,” said Ledford, “We have no servers left at the church anymore. Everything that we do is now cloud-based.” Switching to a cloud-based phone system allows the church to make calls from their cell phones or remote locations. They have the flexibility to have one volunteer answer phones for both of their locations from only one place or to enable an auto attendant, when necessary. They were able to cut their cost while increasing the number of phone lines with a greater deal of flexibility.

Money savings aside, Ledford is also impressed by the customer service that Carolina Digital Phone provides. “Great service! When we call, somebody answers the phone and helps us out.” 

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