Want Easy Video Conferencing in Your Business? Then Get a Browser-Based Solution!

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Video conferencing has been steadily growing in popularity for years, but the pandemic massively accelerated adoption across all sectors and industries. Consider these statistics:

  • The size of the video conferencing market surged 500% in the first two months of the pandemic. (Source: TrustRadius)
  • The global video conferencing market is projected to grow from $6.28 billion in 2021 to $12.99 billion in 2028 — which is a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10.9% during the forecast period. (Source: Fortune Business Insights)
  • 79% of workers believe that video conferencing is at the same level, or is more productive, than in-person meetings. (Source: Owl Labs)

Difficult vs. Easy Video Conferencing  

While video conferencing has shifted from an optional nice-to-have into an essential must-have, not all solutions are easy to use. Some are frustrating and tedious — and several are downright unbearable. 

It goes without saying (but a little reminder never hurts!) that businesses that want to thrive instead of struggle need EASY video conferencing. And that means choosing a browser-based solution vs. a software-based app.  

Why Browser-Based = Easy Video Conferencing

Here are 3 reasons why the key to easy video conferencing is a choosing a browser-based solution vs. a software-based app:

1. There is Nothing to Download and Install 

Software-based apps must be downloaded onto endpoints (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones). This can trigger a wide range of problems. For example, participants may not have the right permission level to download an app. Installation can also be a big headache — especially if an app is not compatible with an operating system or hardware setup. Additionally, downloading an app can lead to virus and malware infections, including dreaded ransomware that can instantly grind business operations down to a screeching halt. 

On the other end of the spectrum, browser-based solutions are also refreshingly easy-to-use and versatile. There is nothing to download and install. Participants simply click a link and within seconds they are in the meeting. Everyone wins , especially the IT staff that can focus on high-value tasks.  

2. Video Calls Can Happen Anywhere With a Single Click

Since there is nothing to download and install with a browser-based solution, participants can join video conferences anywhere with a single click —including from home offices. Even as businesses fully re-open, millions of workers will shift into a “remote hybrid” model where they spend part of the week (or month) at home, and the rest in the corporate environment. With a browser-based solution, these remote/hybrid workers never have to worry that instead of connecting with colleagues and customers, they’ll see error messages and either show up late to the meeting — or never show up at all.

3. Record Meetings & Download from the Cloud

With a browser-based solution, businesses can also securely store video conferences in the cloud, and enable authorized individuals (including those who did not participate in the conference) to download/view them at their convenience.  Some examples include recording:

  • Orientation and training sessions.
  • Collaboration and brainstorming sessions.
  • Meetings with prospective or existing customers.
  • Team get-togethers and “virtual happy hours” that boost engagement among remote/hybrid workers.

The Bottom Line on Easy Video Conferencing

Compared to software-based apps, browser-based video conferencing is simple, reliable, and pain-free. Additionally, consider that video conferences are only going to become more popular in the weeks, months, and years ahead, choosing an EASY solution is not just a good idea. It’s essential! 

Carolina Digital Phone’s Easy Video Conferencing Solution

Carolina Digital Phone’s carrier-class browser-based video solution integrates seamlessly with our all-in-one cloud phone system. Key features include:

  • No Application Download
  • Record Meetings & Download from the Cloud 
  • Customizable Layout 
  • Meeting Rooms 
  • Screen Sharing 
  • One-Click Join 
  • Calendar 
  • Chat 
  • And Much More!

Our solution is incredibly affordable with prices starting at just $8.00/month per hosting user for up to 25 participants/guests. Also, for all non-hosting participants/guests, accessing video conferences is always completely FREE! 

Learn more and schedule your free, no-obligation demo of our easy video conferencing solution. Call us at (336) 544-4000, or click the chat icon on the bottom of your screen.  

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