Phone Systems for Businesses: A Comprehensive Review


Communication is an integral component of any business. As a business owner, you need to ensure that the communication systems are functioning properly for your employees to perform their tasks effectively. If you are looking for the ideal small business phone system, know that you have a lot of options available in the marketplace. Every phone system comes with a set of unique features and benefits. It can be difficult to analyze all the tools available to find the right one for your business. Fortunately, we’ve researched for you. In this post, we’ll review some of the best phone systems for your business comprehensively.

Defining a business phone system

A phone system is a platform that businesses use for communication. A typical system usually facilitates unlimited calling, call recording, voicemail-to-email functionality, automated menus, and calling multiple employees at the same time. The popular types of phone systems for businesses include private branch exchanges, key system units, and VoIP phone systems. Various studies have shown that the ideal phone system use a VoIP phone system for small business which enables you to use an internet phone service for the entire system.

Phone systems are evolving continuously to become big communication platforms that involve voice, video, and text communications and enhance collaboration between remote and hybrid team members. If you are in the field of video editing, you’ll have to convert from MP4 to MOV frequently due to compatibility. To change video format from MP4 to MOV, you’ll need an MP4 to MOV converter. You need to research the MP4 converter to MOV to discover the ideal one for you. What’s the difference between MP4 and MOV? MP4 files are usually smaller and of lower quality compared to MOV files. Plus, MOV files are highly compatible and ideal for editing videos on your Mac.

The Ideal Business Phone Solutions for You

In the modern business world, Voice-over-Internet Protocol systems have become an essential tool. They act as central hubs that integrate communication across chat, voice, and video. These phone systems that depend on the Cloud have replaced traditional landlines in most offices thanks to their accessibility, unique features, and affordability.

Most providers have various key features such as voice mail, unlimited voice calls to Canada and the United States, and call routing. However, services vary with some having advanced features such as artificial intelligence to prepare and share meeting summaries automatically after every call. Whether you speak to a handful of clients each week or you have a large sales team, there is a phone system that will help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the best business phone system reviews for your business.

1.     RingCentral

This is a great communications platform for enterprises that support hybrid and remote teams. It has a friendly interface on both Android and IOS platforms to ensure that staff members in different parts of the world can work together using an internet-enabled device. Messaging and team chat features help in the creation of a digital workspace that allows you to share files and create a dedicated folder for topics, projects, and teams. RingCentral has 32 data centers around the globe to improve call quality and uptime. It has more integrations than any other system. RingCentral enhances collaboration by allowing users to connect with a wide range of tools that they use regularly to boost productivity and stay organized.

2.     Zoom

Zoom is a popular and great video conferencing platform. The majority of people across the world used it during the pandemic. However, only a handful of people know that it offers a good phone system. Each Zoom Phone Plan offers access to unlimited calling internationally, video calls, integrations with essential business tools such as Salesforce and Slack, and toll-free numbers.

Virtual meetings are essential for any thriving business. Zoom offers amazing video conferencing capabilities with all its phone plans. With a few clicks, users can elevate calls to video conferences. Video conferencing can be accessed via Android, IOS, Windows, Linux and MacOS. With Zoom, teams can communicate smoothly thanks to a wide range of features that allow you to add attendees and switch platforms.

3.     Vonage

Vonage offers team messaging, a desktop app, video conferencing, a mobile app, and phone hardware to offer high-quality phone services to businesses of different industries and sizes. Using the administration portal, you can set up call flows easily, add team members, and work with other business tools such as Google Workplace, Microsoft 365, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zen desk, Salesforce, Zoho, and Clio to name a few.

You can greatly improve your business’s efficiency by customizing your phone system and connecting it to your infrastructure. Vonage platform uses microservice architecture to act promptly to changes in the marketplace and add extra channels. Cloud-based phone systems offer several hardware options, a customized menu system, and a software solution based on CRM integration. Teams can analyze data and customize reports recorded by the system and use the contact center to promote expansion.

4.     Nextiva

Nextiva is one of the leading communication platforms in the business world with lots of unique features and tools for supporting video conferencing, business messaging, and phone calls. Unlike other providers, Nextiva allows clients to match plans and build a customized system that integrates the appropriate features with different teams in the organization.

Nextiva is ahead of its competition because it scores highly when it comes to ease of use, customer support, features, and pricing. The platform offers great customer service, security, ease of use, and mixed plans to help users get value for money. Some of the features that you should expect to get include auto attendant, phone service, virtual faxing, call recording, audio conferencing, interactive voice response, and team video conferencing to name a few. The security measures of the system are HIPAA-compliant.

5.     Dialpad

This is a messaging and business phone service that has a lot of tools and features that are powered by AI. Some of the communication features offered by the vendor are included in every plan, unlike other providers who only include the best features in top-tier packages. The voice intelligence tools can take notes, send meeting summaries, track action items, and transcribe calls. Your team can focus on the main points with the assurance that nothing important will be missed. While some competitors have started offering voice transcription tools, Dialpad still leads in this area thanks to its live coaching tools.

6.     Grasshopper

One of the most important tools in enhancing business performance is virtual phone systems. Grasshopper is a leading solution that is easy to use and implement. The technology allows you to use your phone or computer when texting and calling. The app can generate detailed call reports that are easy to read. All plans offer voicemail, call transfers, custom greetings, virtual fax, and call forwarding to name a few. It uses Wi-Fi calling to ensure that all conversations are clear.


There are a lot of phone systems for businesses in the market. To choose the right system, you need to find out what you are looking for. After knowing the needs of your business, consider the system’s reliability and security. Choosing the right system will help you improve the productivity of team members and achieve your goals.

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