Calls Labeled as Potential SPAM or Being Blocked?

Are your outbound calls being labeled as SPAM or being Blocked by a carrier?  If so, read this.

Multiple companies provide analytics, each with its own tracking and radar systems. The FCC mandated a new system to authenticate calls with a certificate on every outbound call but has delayed the implementation of this new protocol for another year. The result is that the demand from users to block these unwanted calls has increased and many times causes your call to be blocked because it has been spoofed as a number that has been used by a robocall. 

The first option is to report this issue to the Carrier that your numbers are being blocked falsely. 

If you know the Carrier call them directly especially if you are a customer of the carrier. The major carriers are:

Second, Let the Analytic Providers Know

CallTransparency.com validates you are a legitimate business and verifies your calling numbers. This is a free service currently and will aid in helping the carriers see you are a valid business. This process can take a few days so be patient.

Finally, let us know you are having a problem

We are here to help you with this problem but you will need to be patient as this is a national problem that takes sometimes days or weeks to resolve. Thousands of calls are made daily with false information. We are licensed by the FCC as a telephone service provider and can many times resolve these issues with our underlying carriers. The first thing we will need from you is the caller telephone number you are using, second, we will need the called telephone number and finally, we will need the date and the approximate time the call was made and what the receiving party saw on their telephone. An example might be I called from (336) 544-4000 to (336) 560-4321 on August 26 at 10:15 AM EST and the person I called said my call was blocked stating the call was a “Telemarketer” or “Spam Risk”. When you have this information send it via email to [email protected] with the subject line “Called from (336) 544-4000 to (336)560-4321 and the call was blocked”.

We continue to work within the industry, through our participation in associations and partnerships with customers to help resolve these issues while still working towards flagging and stopping illegal spoofing and robocalling.

Other Resources

AT&T Mobile Customers:  If you want to report unwanted calls & texts: Unwanted calls and texts are annoying. Some could be fraudulent or illegal. Report offenders to help us identify and block them. Forward suspicious text messages to 7726 (SPAM) – free with AT&T Wireless. To learn more visit AT&T Report unwanted calls & Text

Verizon Customers: Unwanted robocalls can be a nuisance and, in many cases, a threat. YouMail, a third-party robocall blocking software company, estimates that more than 58 billion robocalls were made in 2019, which is a 22% increase over the previous year. Report the phone number as a scammer through the Call Filter app or at VoiceSpamFeedback.com