Side by Side Comparison – Carolina Digital Phone vs Zultys

If you have questions about choosing between Carolina Digital Phone and Zultys, we have the answers. We have put together the important information you will need to compare and make the right choice. Let’s start by looking at some benefits.

Benefits of Carolina Digital Phone

The benefits of choosing to go with Carolina Digital Phone are many. To start with, you get a dial-by-name directory, an intro greeting, and even a post-welcome greeting too. For conferences, you have leader login options with the chance of being able to reject anonymous calls. Calling line ID blocking is also another welcome feature, which all in all, helps to make Carolina Digital Phone a stand-out choice when you look at the other call providers on the market. Carolina Digital Phone has the ability to send and even receive messages from within the user portal.

In a world where we are no longer tied to an office or even a desk, Carolina Digital Phone provides the flexibility your business needs to keep your customers and staff happy. Whether you are adding staff or restructuring to a hybrid-work environment, a cloud-based telephone system gives your the ability to quickly and inexpensively make the changes you need.

Hosted VoIP from Carolina Digital Phone offers a multitude of options and can be a great money-saver for businesses. Imagine no more expensive copper lines to pay for, no more need for a lot of on-site hardware and zero maintenance! Those are just some of the benefits of moving your on-premise telephone to the cloud. Watch this short video to learn more.

Benefits of Zultys

If you are on the lookout for a hosted VoIP or even a business telephone, then there’s a high chance that you have come across Zultys before. 

They’re a big name, and they do have many benefits to offer. Let’s take a look at a few of them. They have the MXVirtual, which is an integrated and unified communication solution. It’s innovative and scalable, and it also combines voice, mobility, and data to optimize collaboration and communication. You also have cloud services, which give you the chance to choose a fully managed and package. Premium features are also available and if you are ever stuck with something, you have the option to use the contact center. The MX-E is an all-in-one system. It’s designed to accommodate 300 users on the standard model and 2000 users on the highest-end model. It’s ready for heavy usage and it’s a great way for you to seamlessly connect your team.

Are Zultys Everything they Say they Are?

Zultys used to have a great track record, but now things look to be taking a turn. The issue lies with the business structure they have. The people who work there don’t seem to understand the service or the features, and if they don’t, then does the user really have any hope? Zultys also claim that they are big on having an all-in-one system, which does sound appealing. The problem is that you can really only take advantage of this if you are willing to pay top dollar for it. Don’t expect to have any kind of visibility in your call queue unless you have a Call Centre License. This is really a feature that the most basic of phone systems should have, but Zultys appear to be lacking it. Another thing that you should know is that even if you do go top-dollar and pay for the biggest and best option, you are still somewhat limited. When you pay this kind of money, you do want to have some level of customization or option to tweak your phone systems to meet the needs of your business. Zultys pride themselves on being scalable, which surely relates to this. That being said, there’s no real option to customize what you need. The navigation is somewhat awkward and there is a very small lack of reference material. For this reason, if you were to try and navigate the dashboard, and needed some help from the instructions, you wouldn’t really find the answers you’re looking for.

So Zultys appear to be very promotional about the services that they have to offer, but that being said, they really aren’t everything they say they are. For that reason, we’re going to take a look to see if Carolina Digital Phone is able to take the lead.

Carolina Digital Phone is Paving the Way for Tech Innovation

The best thing about Carolina Digital Phone is that they live up to what they promise. The system that you get with Carolina Digital Phone is state of the art, and it’s anything but clunky. In fact, it’s seamless with an easy-to-use interface. The help guide is great and in the rare instance that you do need tech support, you can count on their team who are absolute experts in the field. Carolina Digital Phone prides itself on being scalable, and unlike Zultys they actually are. You can go from a smaller system to a larger one without having to break the bank or compromise your business operation and when time is money, this really does count.

With our VoIP small business phone system, there is no need to purchase, install, monitor, and maintain a costly on-site Private Branch Exchange (PBX). This is because the system is housed 100% off-site at our secure location, and our experts take care of all ongoing updates and upgrades. This factor alone can save small businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year!


In conclusion, Carolina Digital Phone really is leading the way when it comes to digital phone services. They are a stand-out choice and when compared to Zultys, they actually live up to their promises.

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