It’s the Personal Touch that Makes a Difference

When French West Vaughan in Raleigh, NC – the nation’s 15th largest independently-held public relations and integrated marketing agency –  needed to replace their 20-year old phone system they started doing some research. They had an outdated Nortel system that FWV’s Executive Assistant Sharon Kemp says just needed to go. Not only was it getting increasingly difficult to get replacement parts, but the cost was also outrageous.

But what sold FWV on Carolina Digital Phone wasn’t just the hundreds of included features that make our phone systems extremely flexible or the money they saved moving their phones to the cloud. It was our dedication to provide the best customer service around and, it was… Joan.

Making a Difference for French West Vaughan

Joan Wilkerson – one of our Senior Account Executives. You see French West Vaughan knows a thing or two about listening to customers’ needs and providing great service. They have 20 National Agency of The Year Honors and numerous other honors to prove it. So, when they talked to Joan about their needs, she listened and helped them with a solution that has served them well.

When the pandemic sent staffers scrambling for a quick solution to working remotely, Joan stepped in to personally deliver two high-performance Wi-Fi dongles to FWV’s corporate HQ in Raleigh for two key employees to work remotely. It is that personal touch that makes Carolina Digital Phone stand out. 

Niko Padgett is an Administrative Assistant at FWV who continues to work from home on Fridays. She loves the convenience of her hybrid work option. She also loves the personal care and attention she gets from Joan and Carolina Digital Phone.

Joan Wilkerson

Carolina Digital Phone Cares

If your current telephone provider isn’t giving you the personal attention you deserve, ask yourself why. You go out of your way to give your customers personal attention and build a relationship with them. Shouldn’t your phone company treat you with the same respect that you show your clients?

If you have questions about changing over to an all-in-one cloud system or setting up a hybrid workplace, give us a call today at (336) 544-4000. We promise we’ll give you some personal attention, too.

Over 20 Years Of Service and Why Our Customers Love Us!