Gates County Government Deploys Hosted Phones with Success

gate county map

Our customer Gates County contacted us when the IP phones that their employees took home didn’t work. We quickly discovered the root cause: Gates County had Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) in their corporate office. This technology allowed them to power all IP phones without the need to plug each one into a wall outlet. The same ethernet cable that transmitted data also transmitted power. But guess what? Most employees didn’t have POE at home, and so their IP phones weren’t getting any power.

That’s when Joan Wilkerson, one of our amazing Major Account Executives, sprang into action! She had several IP phone power supplies at home, and immediately sent them out by express courier to the remote employees. The result? Problem 100% solved and customer 100% delighted! It’s just another example of how we’re leaning forward during this difficult time. More success stories to come — stay tuned!