Hosted Cloud Phone System Frequently Asked Question: How Does e-Faxing Work?

e faxing

While much of the discussion about cloud phone systems focuses on things like cost savings, business continuity, mobile worker productivity, and advanced calling features, there is another aspect that is important to many organizations: e-faxing.

Benefits of e-Faxing 

There are many benefits of e-faxing, including:

  • It is more secure than scanning and attaching a document to an email.
  • There is no need to purchase and maintain a fax machine or a separate line.
  • It doesn’t take up any space in the office.
  • Employees can send/receive faxes from anywhere, at any time.
  • Detailed reports are available through a secure web-based portal.

Below we take a closer look at how it all works with Carolina Digital Phone’s hosted fax service. This service is very inexpensive and costs as little as $12.50/month with unlimited usage/pages, and a dedicated direct dial telephone number.

Sending Faxes 

There are two simple methods of sending a fax: using our web-based portal, and sending an email.

Web-Based Portal

The first method is to visit our web-based portal at https://fax.digitalphone.io, enter the recipient’s fax number, and then scan a document (such as a contract, purchase order, quote, etc.). For enhanced security, the document is automatically converted into base64 binary at its source, sent through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and then reassembled at the other end.


The second method offered to customers who purchase our hosted cloud system, and is extremely simple. Just attach a document to an email, and send it to: [faxnumber]@fax.digitalfax.io. The recipient will then receive the fax either as a PDF file, or it will print out on their conventional fax machine (if they have one). They also have the option to print out the PDF on a local/networked printer.

Receiving Faxes

Receiving faxes is even easier. Whenever you receive a fax, it automatically converts to a .PDF file, and the recipient is notified by email. You then simply click the attachment to view and/or print the fax.

AudioCodes MP-202B HTTPS Enabled Fax ATA Connecting to Existing Fax Machines and MFPs

We also offer the new AudioCodes MediaPack MP-202B HTTPS Enabled Fax ATA, which allows you to cost-effectively connect your ordinary fax machines and multi-function printers (MPFs) to our hosted cloud phone system. The fax transmission is sent over the internet via a secure satellite, cellular data, or Wi-Fi connection.

To learn more about e-faxing — along with other key business advantages of our hosted cloud phone system — contact us today at (336) 544-4000 for a free live guided demo.

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