How Cloud Phone Systems Keep Businesses “On the Grid” 24/7/365

business continuity

One of the most critical objectives for all businesses — regardless of whether they are dynamic new startups or large established enterprises — is business continuity.

VoIP business phone systems

That’s because productivity grinds to a halt when workers cannot instantly connect and collaborate, and customers who fail to reach their desired party — or who do not receive a prompt callback after leaving a message — are likely to head to a more responsive competitor. Business continuity is not just an important priority: it is a mission critical objective. Fortunately, that’s where cloud phone systems enter the picture and make a transformative difference.

Below, we highlight the key reasons how cloud phone systems ensure business continuity, and keep businesses “on the grid” 24/7/365:

  1. Automatic Network Aggregation

Automatic network aggregation enables seamless failover in the event of a local power outage — both wide scale blackouts that can last for hours or days, and shorter brownouts, which are occurring with more frequency due to the country’s aging power infrastructure.

  1. Geographically Dispersed Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud phone systems leverage the internet’s geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure. As a result, during a natural disaster or other emergency event the system will continue operating by essentially “shifting” to a part of the internet that is unaffected (and then shift back when the matter has been resolved). While businesses that use conventional landline phone systems will be unable to get a dial tone, those that use cloud phone systems can carry on functioning as normal.

  1. Unlimited Call Forwarding to Any Number — Including Landlines and Smartphones

Contingencies such as automatic network aggregation and geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure (as discussed above) assure business continuity in the event of a local power outage. However, it still may be difficult for workers to head to the office. For example, roads may be closed, driving may be unsafe, or parents may be obligated to stay at home with their school-aged children.

Regardless of the circumstance, cloud phone systems support unlimited call forwarding to any number — including a home landline or smartphone. As such, colleagues can remain in contact and customers can have their calls answered by distributed/remote workers. Or, if applicable and desired, businesses can simply forward all calls to another location or branch that is unaffected by the power issue. 

  1. Remote Support by the Solutions Provider 

Businesses that partner with a legitimate and experienced Cloud Solutions Provider — and wisely avoid mass market vendors that are only interested in selling hardware — will have a managed router included in their installation. This router allows the Solutions Provider to provide remote system support, including (but not limited to) issues related to power outages, malware attacks, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Business continuity is an essential objective that ensures workers stay productive, and customers get the service and support they want — and demand. Unlike conventional landline phone systems that essentially use copper wire technology from the 19th century, cloud phone systems are designed for a 21st century business landscape: one where going “off the grid” simply isn’t an option.

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