5 Ways that Cloud Business Phone Systems Dramatically Reduce Costs

cloud business VoIP phone systems

While cloud business phone systems are technologically advanced and innovative, the key factor that convinces thousands of businesses, schools and government organizations each year to make the switch from conventional landline systems is not a new concept. In fact, it’s about as “old school” as it gets, and has been a #1 business priority since, well, forever: they want to save money!

Below, we highlight 5 ways that cloud business phone systems dramatically reduce costs — and not just on a one-time basis, but year after year:

  1. No on-site private branch exchange (PBX) to purchase and install.

With a cloud business phone system, all hardware is housed off-site with the solutions provider — which means that businesses don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and install an on-site PBX system.

  1. No ongoing maintenance or technical support.

With a conventional landline system, businesses must either have on-site experts to handle maintenance and technical issues or, more likely, they must purchase service agreements that can cost thousands of dollars a year — especially if on-site technical visits are required.

With a cloud business phone system, all maintenance and technical support is automatically and continuously offered by the solutions provider, including ongoing upgrades and updates. What’s more, through a managed router, many technical support issues can be handled remotely during off-hours.

  1. No long distance or user-to-user costs.

Long distance costs can quickly add up — a fact that is certainly not lost on conventional phone companies, which continue to make a remarkable (and some would say ridiculous) amount of profit through long distance billing each year.

With a cloud business phone system, long distance fees aren’t just reduced: they’re completely eliminated. Furthermore, user-to-user calls over the same network are free (i.e. they aren’t counted towards allotted minutes).

  1. Give everyone on the team a phone number — without laying cable.

“Doing less with more” is essential for business success; and in the long run, for survival. Cloud business phone systems clearly fit this objective by enabling businesses to seamlessly expand their workforce by giving all employees and contractors their own phone number or extension — regardless of where they’re located and when they’re working. What’s more, there’s no cable to dig up and lay, since new users can instantly access the system via their computer (“softphone”), IP phone, or smartphone app.

  1. Access advanced features and constant innovation. 

Last but certainly not least: cloud business phone systems support advanced calling features that are either unavailable with conventional systems, or are excessively — and often prohibitively — costly; especially for small businesses. Just some of the most popular Unified Calling (UC) features include: voicemail-to-email, voicemail-to-text, auto-attendant, video conferencing, instant messaging, group calendars, and the list goes on.

Furthermore, conventional phone companies often reserve their most advanced features and innovative solutions to new customers, and use them as incentives to drive sales. This doesn’t happen to businesses that use cloud phone systems. Businesses continuously get the latest and best features, whether they signed-up years ago — or days ago.

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