Polycom’s New Acquisition: Polycom to tie hands with Obihai


San Jose, Calif, 4th Jan 2018, Polycom Inc.

Recently, on 4th Jan 18 Polycom Inc. announced its decision to acquire Obihai Technology Inc. in San Jose, Calif. The deal would probably be closed in the first quarter of 2018.

The competitive environment of the global market has led several small and multinational enterprises to take serious, firm and far-reaching decisions. Keeping the similar agenda, Polycom recently announced to acquire the Obihai Technology.

Polycom Inc. is a multinational corporation that leads in innovation of content, video and voice teamwork and communication technology, by serving various organizations and enterprises of all levels. Whereas, Obihai Technology Inc. develops hardware and software to cater endpoint VoIP services to people as well as business. Therefore the merger agreement of two the companies can have a profound effect on VoIP technology devices and futuristic collaboration of workers in multinational organizations. Not to mention, the CEO of the Polycom, Mary McDowell clarified that how the acquisition of the Obihai Technology will serve in Polycom’s strategic benefits plus how it will contribute exceptional opportunities for the people collaboration in this competitive environment. McDowell said, “The strategic acquisition of the Obihai team and its software platform allows Polycom to surge forward on our strategy to deliver the best and most human-to-human experience in our audio and video solutions.”

Where Polycom is already leading and making revenues up to $ 1.4 billion with almost 2,800 people at its employment, the acquisition agreement is predicted to affect the revenues for Polycom positively. Given that, McDowell further said “Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond, the addition of Obihai will immediately open new markets and revenue opportunities for Polycom. The combined development team will enable Polycom to bring our great products to customers faster.” Polycom also predicts the deal will result in giving enhanced cloud-based competencies. Plus it will also add products like Analog Terminal Adapter to Polycom solutions. Hence it is expected that combination of both companies would consequently increase VoIP markets for both and international partners. Focusing this point Jan Fandrianto, Obihai Founder and CEO said “Polycom is a proven leader in delivering products with outstanding audio quality and universal interoperability in the open-standard SIP market for VoIP endpoints. When combined with Polycom, Obihai’s product and cloud-services engineering expertise will be a powerful advantage for Polycom’s partners and their customers in an increasingly competitive market.”

What is yet to be seen is the cost-effectiveness of this deal. How the advance and enhanced services provided will be paid off by the companies, especially by smaller enterprises and individual dealing. Here’s where VoIP providers like DigitalPhone.io are the best option for cloud-based telephone services. The DigitalPhone.io provides cloud-based telephone services for Business, Schools and Government at strikingly lower costs.