Is VoIP Reliable? Here’s Why the Answer is YES!

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At Carolina Digital Phone, we have been proudly serving customers for more than two decades. And one of the most frequent things we hear from our prospective customers goes something like this: 

“We are really impressed by various aspects of your VoIP phone system, such as the cost savings, off-site system management, scalability, flexibility, and features. But we aren’t 100% sure about dependability, because we aren’t familiar with VoIP in our environment. So tell us, is VoIP reliable?”

For Carolina Digital Phone customers, the answer to this pivotal question is an unqualified YES. Here are the 5 reasons why:

1. Is VoIP Reliable? It’s Over-Engineered for High Traffic Demands

The first reason why the answer to “is VoIP reliable?” is YES, is because we have over-engineered to support high traffic demands — even during peak periods. Our customers enjoy crisp, clear HD audio at all times. 

2. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Many conventional landline phone systems are served by degraded copper wire that was laid more than 40 years ago. In fact, copper wire networks are so outdated, unreliable, and problematic, that they are starting to get decommissioned. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure includes three 1GB fiber synchronous connections with full Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing, as well as three carrier-class data centers (two in North Carolina and one in Texas).    

3. Automatic Backup to Ensure Business Continuity 

In the event of a local power outage, our geographic cloud infrastructure automatically reroutes traffic — which means that employees can continue making/receiving calls. Compare this to organizations that have a conventional landline phone system, which will not even get a dial tone until power is restored!  For many of our customers, business continuity alone is enough for them to emphatically agree that the answer to “Is VoIP reliable?” is YES. 

4. Local Experts 

When our customers need answers and advice, they know that our local experts can be on-site in a matter of hours. This is NOT the case for the vast majority of companies that have a conventional landline phone system. Unless they have pre-purchased a premium (read: extremely expensive) maintenance plan, then they will have to wait days or even weeks for on-site support. Or they may not get on-site support at all unless they are willing to — as the old saying goes — “pay through the nose.”  

5. Is VoIP Reliable? We’re Constantly Innovating and Upgrading

To ensure that our answer to “Is VoIP reliable?” is always YES, we are constantly innovating and upgrading our solution and services. We keep raising our standards and elevating our performance. And do our customers pay more for these ongoing enhancements? Absolutely not! 

Is VoIP Reliable? You Bet! 

The last couple of years have been chaotic. What hospitals, schools, and businesses want now is reliability — so they can stabilize and strengthen their organization in the short-term, and focus on future success and growth in the long-term. An all-in-one VoIP phone system from Carolina Digital Phone is built from the ground up to drive and deliver rock-solid reliability — because that is what our customers demand and deserve! 

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