Hosted Phone Service With Mobile Connectivity

If you are looking for the perfect hosted phone service with mobile connectivity with full unified communications features that work with your Android or iPhone, look no further. You have found the best cloud-based telephone service available nationwide. Carolina Digital Phone’s national footprint and geo-redundant cloud-based service make your business easier and more effective to manage. We replace your existing and possibly outdated on-premise phone equipment with a feature-rich cloud-based PBX. That means your desk and smartphones work together and can manage them from your browser and mobile app. Cloud phone systems make it easier for your customers to contact your team. Features like auto-attendants, call queues, and groups allow team members to work from remote locations.

Business phone systems

Business phone systems play a vital role in enhancing this infrastructure by providing seamless connectivity and advanced call management features.

A comprehensive business phone system, whether cloud-based or on-premise, offers considerable benefits for companies. By utilizing a cloud-based system, businesses can enjoy enhanced communication capabilities with the flexibility to connect employees across many locations. This allows for streamlined collaboration and improved customer service, regardless of physical distance.

Cloud-based business phone systems also offer advanced call management features such as call routing, voicemail transcription, and auto-attendant, which greatly enhance communication efficiency and professionalism. The result of using a cloud-based solution, allows businesses to easily scale their communication infrastructure. As their needs evolve, there is no need for complex hardware installations or upgrades.

In contrast, on-premise phone systems need the installation and maintenance of physical equipment, which can be time-consuming and expensive. These systems are often limited in scalability and may not offer the same level of flexibility as cloud-based solutions.

What Is a VoIP Phone?

A VoIP phone, (aka Voice over Internet Protocol) phone, is a communication tool enabling users to make phone calls using an internet connection instead of traditional analog phone lines. A VoIP phone converts voice signals into digital data, which is then transmitted over the internet.

Use Multiple Devices

One of the key advantages of VoIP technology is the ability to use the same phone number on multiple devices. Whether you’re in the office, on the go, or working remotely, you can easily make and receive calls using your business number on your desk phone, mobile device, or computer. This ensures that you never miss an important call and allows for efficient communication no matter where you are.

VoIP Protocols

VoIP uses different protocols and technologies to enable this seamless connectivity. Two common protocols are H.323 and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). H.323 is an older protocol that provides video conferencing capabilities along with voice calls. SIP is a more modern and widely used protocol that allows for multimedia communication over IP networks.

Seamless Integration

Besides protocol compatibility, VoIP technology also integrates with mobile devices. By using dedicated mobile apps, users can make and receive calls on their smartphones or tablets using their business phone numbers. This mobile integration ensures that users can stay connected even when they are away from their office or desk phone.

With our hosted phone service powered by VoIP technology, Carolina Digital Phone provides businesses with the means to stay connected, increase productivity, and enhance customer experience. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional phone systems and embrace the power of VoIP for seamless communication, no matter where you are.

Many Advantages

This technology offers many advantages over traditional phone systems. Advantages include cost savings, enhanced mobility, and advanced features. VoIP phones are used on a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This allows users to make calls from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. These phones are also compatible with existing telephone networks, integrating into a business’s communication system.


Furthermore, VoIP providers offer a range of features such as video conferencing, mobile apps, toll-free numbers, and more, enabling businesses to streamline their communication processes and enhance customer interactions. Whether it’s making international calls, conducting video conferences, or ensuring excellent customer service, VoIP phones provide businesses with a powerful and flexible communication solution.

Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP is a game-changer when it comes to extending mobility to a Voice over IP (VoIP) network. With the rapid increase of mobile devices, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to integrate mobile phones into their telephone network.


One way to achieve mobile integration is through the use of cordless telephones that work on the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard. DECT technology allows for seamless communication without the need for physical phone connections.

Another option is to turn a mobile handset into a standard SIP client or use a soft-switch gateway to bridge SIP and RTP into the mobile network’s infrastructure. This enables businesses to take advantage of all the advanced features and cost savings that come with VoIP phone systems, even while on the go.

Advanced Technology

The advancements in technology, such as the rollout of 5G, have made mobile VoIP even more reliable and accessible. It ensures a high-speed internet connection, making it easier for businesses to stay connected regardless of their location.

Take Your Business Anywhere, on Any Device

Carolina Digital Phone, based in Greensboro, North Carolina, offers a comprehensive hosted phone service with mobile connectivity that allows users to make calls, conduct meetings, and exchange messages from anywhere and on any device.

Will My Existing Phone Number Port to VoIP?

Yes, your current phone number will port to a VoIP service like Carolina Digital Phone. Porting your number allows you to keep your current business phone number while enjoying the benefits of a VoIP phone system. Here are the steps to port your existing number:

1. Contact Your VoIP Provider

Begin by reaching out to a trusted VoIP provider like Carolina Digital Phone. They guide you through the porting process and provide any necessary forms or documentation.

2. Check for Additional Costs

While porting your number is generally a straightforward process, there may be extra costs associated with the porting service. Make sure to check with your VoIP provider for any fees or charges.

3. Verify Eligibility and Requirements

Ensure that your current phone number is eligible for porting and meets the requirements set by your VoIP provider. Carolina Digital Phone can assist you in determining if your number can be ported.

4. Provide Necessary Information

You will need to provide certain information, such as your account details with your current phone company, to initiate the porting process. Carolina Digital Phone will guide you through the information required.

Carolina Digital Phone makes the process of porting your existing number to their VoIP service easy and seamless. Our experienced team will handle the technical aspects and ensure a smooth transition. By porting your number, you can enjoy the advanced features, flexibility, and cost savings of VoIP without losing the familiarity of your current business phone number.

Is VoIP Different Than Wi-Fi Calling?

VoIP and Wi-Fi calling are two popular alternatives to traditional phone services. While they may seem similar, there are key differences between the two.

VoIP operates by transmitting digital data packets via the Internet. That data is then converted to analog phone signals. This allows for phone calls to be made through a broadband internet connection instead of a traditional telephone network. Wi-Fi calling connects phone calls via the Internet instead of a cell tower.

One of the significant distinctions between VoIP and Wi-Fi calling is the connection type. VoIP relies on an internet connection, while Wi-Fi calling utilizes a Wi-Fi network. This difference affects factors such as voice quality and reliability, as a stable internet connection is crucial for VoIP.

When it comes to features and versatility, VoIP generally offers a wider range of advanced features such as video conferencing and mobile app integration. It is also highly scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Wi-Fi calling is primarily limited to voice calls and may have fewer features.

When it comes to costs, VoIP often provides cost savings compared to traditional phone services, especially for long-distance and international calls. Wi-Fi calling is typically free for domestic calls but may incur additional charges for international calls.

Device compatibility is another factor to consider. VoIP can work with various devices, including desk phones and mobile devices, while Wi-Fi calling is typically limited to mobile phones.


With our hosted phone service, users have the freedom to join meetings or calls from their desk, computer, smartphone, or browser using the Carolina Digital Phone app. This means that whether you prefer to work from your office desk, your home computer, or even on the go with your smartphone, you can always stay connected and participate in important conversations.

Voice customization is another feature that makes our hosted phone service stand out. Users can personalize their greetings, call routing, and other settings to ensure that their phone system fits their specific needs. This level of customization allows for seamless integration into your workflow and ensures that you never miss a call or important message.

Seamless workflow integration is further enhanced by the ability to access the same phone number and features across multiple devices. This means that even if you switch from your desk phone to your smartphone or computer, you can continue your conversations uninterrupted. This flexibility not only improves communication efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience.

At Carolina Digital Phone, we understand the importance of flexibility in today’s work environment. Our hosted phone service with mobile connectivity provides businesses with the tools they need to stay connected and productive, no matter where they are. Experience the benefits of flexible work solutions with Carolina Digital Phone.


One of the key advantages of our VoIP phone systems is scalability. Whether your business is small or large, our hosted phone service can easily grow and adapt to your needs. This scalability allows for seamless expansion, making it simple to deploy our phone systems globally from anywhere. With just an internet connection, businesses can connect their teams and clients across different locations, ensuring effective communication no matter where they are in the world.

Additionally, our hosted phone service offers multi-level auto attendants and ring groups, further enhancing call routing efficiency. Multi-level auto attendants allow businesses to create customized greetings and direct calls to the appropriate departments or individuals. This streamlines the caller’s experience. Ring groups ensure the efficient distribution of incoming calls among team members. This reduces wait times and increases customer satisfaction.

Moreover, our VoIP phone systems can be easily customized to fit specific workflows and meet the unique needs of various businesses. From personalized greetings and call routing options to integrating with CRM platforms, our hosted phone service are tailored to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes, improving overall productivity and customer experience.


Reliable. That’s one word that perfectly describes the VoIP phone services provided by Carolina Digital Phone. We understand that in today’s fast-paced business world, having a dependable communication system is crucial. That’s why we prioritize the reliability of our hosted phone service.

One way we ensure the reliability of our VoIP phone systems is through regular security updates and firmware delivery. We understand that the threat landscape is constantly evolving, and security is a top concern for businesses. That’s why we diligently monitor and address any vulnerabilities that may arise. With our regular security updates, our customers can rest easy knowing that their communication system is protected against the latest threats.

But what truly sets us apart is that our security updates are delivered automatically. This means that our customers don’t have to worry about manually installing firmware updates. Instead, our system takes care of it for them, saving time and ensuring that their phone system remains secure.

In addition, our geo-redundant platform further enhances the reliability of our hosted phone service. By utilizing multiple data centers in different locations, we can ensure that even in the event of a localized outage, our customers’ communication remains uninterrupted. This level of redundancy provides peace of mind, knowing that businesses can continue to operate seamlessly, no matter what.

IP-Enabled Services

Introducing Carolina Digital Phone, a leading provider of hosted phone service with mobile connectivity. Our advanced IP-Enabled Services combine the power of mobile devices with the reliability and flexibility of VoIP technology to revolutionize the way businesses communicate. With our seamless integration of mobile phones into our phone systems, businesses can enjoy the freedom to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection.

Whether you’re in the office, on the go, or working remotely our mobile connectivity ensures that you never miss an important call. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional telephone networks and experience the convenience and cost savings of our hosted phone service with mobile connectivity. Boost productivity, enhance customer interactions, and streamline your communication processes with Carolina Digital Phone.

Advanced Features

At Carolina Digital Phone, we understand the importance of providing advanced features that enhance the user experience. Our hosted phone service with mobile connectivity offers a range of additional functionalities and capabilities to help businesses streamline their communication processes.

One of the key advanced features we offer is call volume analytics. This allows businesses to gain deep insights into their call patterns and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and customer service. With detailed analytics, businesses can understand call volumes, and peak hours, and identify areas where staffing adjustments may be needed.

Another advanced feature is auto-attendants, which act as virtual receptionists, efficiently routing calls to the appropriate departments or extensions. This eliminates the need for a physical receptionist and provides a seamless experience for callers.

Call queues ensure that incoming calls are managed efficiently and callers don’t experience long wait times. By intelligently distributing calls to available agents, businesses can provide prompt customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

Intelligent call routing is another feature that allows businesses to direct calls to specific employees based on factors such as availability, skillset, or location. This ensures that callers reach the right person with minimal effort.

Global Coverage

At Carolina Digital Phone, we understand the importance of global coverage and the need for businesses to stay connected with their clients and partners around the world. Our VoIP phone service offers extensive global coverage, allowing businesses to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere.

One of the standout features of our service is the low-cost international calling option. We provide affordable rates for international calls. Lower rates make it easy for businesses to connect with their international contacts without breaking the bank. Whether you need to communicate with clients in Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, our VoIP service ensures that you can do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone services.

Making international calls with our VoIP phone service is incredibly simple and accessible. With just an internet connection and a supported device, you can easily make calls from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in the office, on a business trip, or working remotely, our VoIP service ensures that you have the flexibility to connect with your international contacts whenever and wherever you need to.

No matter where your business operates, our VoIP phone service provides global coverage and low-cost international calling, allowing you to stay connected and conduct business seamlessly. So whether you have clients in New York or partners in Tokyo, our VoIP phone service has you covered.


Carolina Digital Phone, based in Greensboro, North Carolina, offers a feature-rich hosted phone service with mobile connectivity. With the rapid growth of mobile VoIP applications, businesses can now expand their reach and improve communication efficiency.

One of the key benefits of mobile VoIP is cost savings. Businesses can reduce their phone expenses significantly. To do this, they leverage their existing mobile devices and a stable broadband internet connection. Additionally, mobile VoIP offers global coverage, allowing seamless communication with international contacts at affordable rates. Whether in the office, on a business trip, or working remotely, users can easily make calls from anywhere in the world, ensuring flexibility and productivity.

Carolina Digital Phone’s mobile VoIP service also provides advanced features, such as video conferencing, toll-free numbers, and mobile apps. These features enhance customer interaction and improve overall customer experience. With the integration of DECT technology, businesses can maintain a consistent and reliable phone connection throughout their physical locations.

In the ever-evolving world of telecommunications, mobile VoIP has emerged as a game-changer. Businesses can now enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and cost savings offered by this technology. Carolina Digital Phone is proud to offer a robust hosted phone service that seamlessly integrates with mobile devices, revolutionizing business communication.

To learn more, call Carolina Digital Phone today at (336) 544-4000 for a FREE consultation and demo.

Easy to Use

Our unified admin portal simplifies setup and administration, making it easy for businesses to manage their communication system. From one central interface, administrators can effortlessly configure settings, add or remove users, and monitor call and message activity.

Always Connected

With our communication solution, users can stay connected and productive no matter their location. Whether they are in the office, working remotely, or on the go, easily access all the features and capabilities of our platform, and never miss an opportunity.

Flexibility When You Need It

Users have the flexibility of switching between desk phones, desktop apps, and mobile apps, ensuring that they can connect and communicate in the way that suits them best. Make and receive calls, join meetings, and exchange messages seamlessly, all from the device of their choice.


Our solution is built on a cloud-based architecture for running mission-critical systems and applications. Your hosted PBX leverages this innovative platform giving it the highest level of reliability and scalability and advanced features to streamline your business.

Our Cloud-Based Telephone Service Offers:

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Hosted telephone services for unlimited usage, advanced uses and a typical savings of 50% over traditional phone systems* plus all the features a Fortune 500 company would have.

Transform your communications with a business cloud phone system. Simplify your communications platform and prepare your business for the future. A cloud phone system integrates voice services and data into a single network that expands the possibilities for communication while creating a path for growth.

A cloud-based hosted phone system for your small business that’s affordably priced as low as $6/per user* with unlimited advanced calling features.

Easily reach your employees anywhere with a fully hosted, network-based cloud service that combines a full range of advanced features, applications, and management tools over your existing internet connection, reducing your infrastructure and maintenance concerns. A cloud solution for small businesses and satellite locations provides the benefits of advanced voice and data technology without the complexity of managing it. This solution enables voice and data services to work over a single network connection and device.

*Per-user pricing is based on the number of telephone numbers and term commitment. Minimum user seats are required for this pricing. Actual savings will vary, based on a per-case basis. Contact us for a personalized price quote that meets your business and budget needs.

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