Unlocking the Power of Charlotte Hosted PBX: A Must-Read Guide

There are some things that only folks from Charlotte, North Carolina understand. For example, Cheerwine won’t make you tipsy, regardless of how much you drink. Barbecue sauce without vinegar is unacceptable. The only honest answer to “When does the humidity finally stop around here?” is “never.” 

If you don’t know much about hosted PBX, (aka, VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service, we do! Carolina Digital is a proud North Carolina Based VoIP company providing unparalleled customer service to customers big and small since the 1980s. When it comes to VoIP systems and cloud phones, we’ve been there since the beginning.

When it comes to choosing a hosted private branch exchange (PBX) provider, there is one vendor that stands out above the rest: Carolina Digital Phone! Here are 3 key reasons why:

1. We Provide the Industry’s Best LOCAL Service

If you have a question about your VoIP services in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg County area, we have answers. Or, if you want some advice about VoIP technology, you can rest easy knowing that we are LOCAL and RESPONSIVE. Now, when it comes to advice about Bryce Young dealing with getting drilled by 230lb linebackers… we can’t help).

Don’t get stuck talking to someone in a call center in Texas, California, or on the other side of the world. You will only and always connect with an expert right here in North Carolina (who is just as worried as you are about the Panthers).

2. We Provide 150+ Advanced Features at No Extra Cost

At Carolina Digital Phone, we don’t shift all of the advanced calling features you need into a higher tier that costs you more. We understand that features like auto attendant, call recording, voicemail to email with transcription, mobile phone apps for remote workers, and several others are essential – not optional.  With us, you get more than 150 advanced calling features at absolutely no extra cost.

Plus, it’s not a problem to keep your current phone numbers! We can port your number(s) from your old provider. We do not charge a fee for this — however, many other vendors of VoIP phone systems in North Carolina certainly do. 

3. You’re 100% Safe With Our “Ding Free” Billing 

The only thing worse than a rain delay at a NASCAR race is when you get “dinged” by a company that wants you to like and trust them. For example, you check into a hotel, and your bill goes up…and up…and up. Then you look at your bill and see strange taxes that you’ve never heard of, so-called “resort fees,” and the list goes on.

At Carolina Digital Phone, we do not charge any extra fees or taxes on our services (note that per the law we collect and remit tax for equipment costs such as digital phones). The price that you expect is the price you’ll pay.

And if you decide to sign a longer-term agreement (1-5 years) you are set. Even if our costs (and subsequently our prices) go up during that time, your rate will remain the same. YOU get to keep the ongoing cost savings, not US! 

The Bottom Line

Some things in life aren’t always perfectly clear. For example, there’s always a possibility that you’ll get stuck behind a s-l-o-w horse-drawn buggy in Upper Charlotte (yes it’s quaint, but c’mon!). And whoever decided that Queens Road would split off into another road that is ALSO CALLED Queens Road needs a one-way ticket out of North Carolina (there’s plenty of room in Alaska). 

Fortunately, however, some things in life ARE perfectly clear. When it comes to choosing the best vendor for hosted business phone systems in Charlotte North Carolina, go with the partner that local businesses trust and recommend: Carolina Digital Phone!

After all, when you have “Carolina” in your business name, you aren’t just a tourist passing through. You’re a fiercely proud Tar Heel through and through! 

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