My Telephone Equipment just Died

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Traditional phone lines have had their time. They are over. Dead. Sure, they have had advantages in the past, and you might be fond of your on-premise PBX and equipment. But, if you want to take your company into the future, taking your telephone systems into the cloud can be a big step forward.

Do You Like Wasting Money?

The average on-premise PBX lasts for around ten years, less with hard use, or a lack of care. During this time, phone lines go down, cables and wires need maintaining, office equipment needs servicing, and IT support is needed to correct issues. An on-site telephone system doesn’t just cost money to install and run. It also costs in maintenance and updates, and will just need replacements in about ten years anyway. And it’s probably safe to say that these replacements will get more expensive every time.

Then, of course, there’s the money that you throw away when you don’t work productively. These kinds of old fashioned phone lines can hurt your business. They can mean that you can’t work efficiently, that you miss important calls, or can’t hear what you are being told. Your company might face phone downtime, where no one can reach you, and you can’t do business. All of which can be a massive waste of money for you and your company.

Moving your telephone systems away from on-premise PBX and getting on the cloud could save you around 50% when it comes to running costs, and even more when you factor in maintenance and updates. Online services offer a more consistent service. With less downtime and increased quality, you’ll be able to work more productively. Then, in 10 years, with nothing on-site, there’ll be nothing to replace. Cloud-based telecommunications save you money, both in the short and long term.

No, What About Time?

You might be happy to throw your money down the drain; bizarrely, some people seem to be, but what about your time, and the time of your customers and clients?

Moving your equipment and support services frees up your time, or the time of your on-site IT support. It gives you and your team the time to focus on more important things, knowing that telecommunications are taken care of.

A lack of downtime and problems on the line also benefits your customers and clients. It can mean that they can get in touch with you quickly and efficiently, without hearing that awful busy tone or having to redial. People nowadays hate speaking on the phone. You should at least be doing your best to make it easy for them.

Do You Want Your Business to Grow?

Chances are, you do. Most of us are looking for ways to attract more customers and make more money. But, growth means increased communication. What happens to your on-premise PBX if your company grows, experiences a sudden surge, or has to move to a larger office? You might face expensive upgrades and the cost of adding new extensions and more equipment to your service.

When you use the cloud for your telephone systems, you can make quick and easy adjustments. You can scale up quickly to meet demand, or reduce if a surge ends without any long-term commitment to your changes. If you needed to move office, you could take your virtual phone lines with you, keeping the same number and benefits, without any upheaval or downtime.

Do You Like Watching Your Team Run Around Like Headless Chicken Because Systems Aren’t Integrated?

Integration is key in today’s world. Think about your life away from work. You might have a smart home system to ensure full integration. You might be able to use your voice to control your lights, heating, and entertainment systems. You might also have apps on your phone to help you to manage all areas of your life.

We don’t always bring the same integration to our businesses, however. We have systems using different platforms and servers. Our staff spend time confused, running between different platforms to do their jobs. Integration can lead to increased productivity and better staff morale. Taking as much as you can on to the cloud can be a huge help, phone systems included.

Do You Love the Sound of Static?

No one likes the sound of static on a phone line, and even if you secretly kind of did, it still wouldn’t be a good thing. Static can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. It might be annoying for your customers, and if you use the phone a lot, it could even give you an earache. Taking your phone systems online can vastly improve the quality of calls, making static on the line a thing of the past.

Have You Still Go a Floppy Disk Drive?

Do you still save files to a floppy disk? No? Do you save everything to the cloud instead? If you have updated all of your other processes, enjoying the ease and flexibility that the cloud offers, why wouldn’t you also take your phone lines into the future.

Your next step is clear: switch to a cost-effective, scalable, flexible, feature-rich, fully supported and future-proofed cloud phone system from Carolina Digital Phone! After all, shouldn’t your phone system work FOR your business instead of AGAINST it?

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