There are many situations in life when all signs point to a change for the better. When we heed these signs, we’re always rewarded. When we ignore these signs, we always regret it — and wish we had a time machine to “know then what we know now.” With this in mind, if your business is seeing any or all of the following signs, then it’s time to elevate your business phone system to the cloud — so you can enjoy rewards, instead of lament regrets: 1. You’ve outgrown your current on-premise phone system. Your business isn’t static and unchangeable. Rather, it’s dynamic...

Traditional phone lines have had their time. They are over. Dead. Sure, they have had advantages in the past, and you might be fond of your on-premise PBX and equipment. But, if you want to take your company into the future, taking your telephone systems into the cloud can be a big step forward. Do You Like Wasting Money? The average on-premise PBX lasts for around ten years, less with hard use, or a lack of care. During this time, phone lines go down, cables and wires need maintaining, office equipment needs servicing, and IT support is needed to correct issues. An...


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