New FCC Annual Toll Free Annual Regulatory Fee

August 18, 2015 – We may be providing you toll free service today, and may have provided toll free numbers to you as of December 2014. As always, we sincerely appreciate your business and your trust.

As you may know, the FCC soon will assess a new annual regulatory fee on toll free numbers. RespOrgs (Responsible Organizations) will make payments directly to the FCC upon receipt of the FCC’s invoice. The FCC will calculate the invoiced annual regulatory fee based on toll free numbers in service as of December 2014. We anticipate that the FCC will invoice us for this annual regulatory fee as early as September 2015. We then will invoice all of our customers for the applicable annual regulatory fee, just as the FCC invoices us. We will work to provide to you additional information as soon as it is available.

For your planning purposes, please remember that the FCC’s annual regulatory fee will apply again next year. We anticipate that all toll free numbers as of December 2015 will be invoiced in September 2016.

Should you have any additional questions or need clarification regarding this notice, please feel free to contact our support team at Carolina Digital Support or view the FCC Order New 2015 FCC Annual FeePage 9, Paragraph 23.

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