Porting Your Number to A Cloud-based Service Provider

Switching providers and services is a pain. At home, we all know that we should be switching insurance, utilities, cell phone, internet, and other service providers every time our contracts run out.

You should never stick to the same provider out of loyalty. Their costs are often hugely inflated in the second year, as all of the best offers and perks are offered to new customers. Your providers don’t show you any loyalty, so why do you give them any? With Carolina Digital Phone we will never change your pricing after your contract is up. If you are a loyal customer, we want to keep it that way and be loyal to you!

Many business owners are actually worse about switching their service providers. You might not be losing only money. You might also be wasting time, hindering productivity, and harming your business by sticking with old systems and services, because it’s too much hard work to swap.

When it comes to your telephone systems, using a Cloud-Based Service Provider can have many advantages. Using a cloud-based telephone service can boost productivity, save you money and offer you the chance to make crystal-clear connections. When you want to switch, you know that taking your phone services into the cloud would be good for your business, but you don’t want to have to call your current provider to cancel contracts.

You’re smart to install a cloud-based service that offers scalability, flexibility, excellent customer service, and perfect call quality. But, you don’t have the time to sort out new connections. You want to keep our existing numbers so that you don’t risk losing business, or face having to reprint business cards and other marketing materials. And you certainly don’t want to miss important calls, because your lines are down before your new service is ready. Leaving things as they are can be a mistake. Switching to a cloud-based provider like Carolina Digital Phone, and keeping your existing number, is an excellent alternative, and you don’t even have to put up with downtime.

What is Number Porting?

Number porting sounds like something quite dramatic and intense. It isn’t. When you have a phone contract, you own that phone number. It’s yours. When you leave that provider, you don’t have to give that ownership back. You can transfer it to your new account, allowing you to keep your number and avoid losing contacts when you switch to a better service. It’s something that most of us do with our personal phones, but not necessarily our businesses.

When it comes to porting a number to a cloud-based service, things can be complicated, and your provider may attempt to stop you. In many cases, number porting can be a lengthy and difficult process but Carolina Digital Phone makes it easy for you with their expert porting managers. Your new and old providers have to agree to the transfer, and with Carolina Digital Phone you won’t miss important calls or lose service while all of this is going on. Carolina Digital Phone makes porting hassle-free.

The Law

Believe it or not, switching shouldn’t be that difficult. The law protects most of us. Companies cannot tie you into an unfair contract. You have always got the right to switch. This applies to home utilities, as well as phone providers. According to the FCC, a company can’t refuse to port your number if you request it. This remains true if you have outstanding debts or termination fees to pay. This is all specified in the Telecommunications act of 1996.

An Easy Switch

Usually, porting a number is straightforward. You speak to the providers… they agree… the move happens. It can be time-consuming going backward and forward, but the switch itself is often straightforward. But, not always.

You might face problems if you’ve already closed your old account, or if your new provider doesn’t cover the rate center that is associated with your number.

That’s why switching to Carolina Digital Phone can be the best choice. Their dedicated number porting managers have relationships and existing agreements with other providers. They can manage the switch and get everything done without you noticing the port has happened, they make the switch seamless.