Possible Effects of Using VoIP in your Business

advanyages and disadvantages of voip

Though VoIP technology is the talk of the town in the business world and it is been a decade since this technology took its baby steps still many entrepreneurs think twice before incorporating in it their business. To clear away the confusion, here is a sorted list of possible negative and positive effects VoIP can do to your business, collected through various testimonials and experiences of companies.

The one positive effect of VoIP that can’t be ignored is the considerable reduction in cables and wires. Hence cloud-based connections cause fewer maintenance expenditures and stress for installing wires appropriately. Services from VoIP providers like DigitalPhone.io one does not require much to build a cloud connection network.  Moreover, no particular hardware is required to get a VoIP connection. When you compare these benefits with Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), where each of the person in the network requires a hardware, you realize VoIP is commendable. In addition to maintenance and wires reduction, the financial reserves that VoIP technology provides are also worth mentioning. As there is only one data provider and one network, unlike PSTN. Plus one can make free calls around the world if they have a broadband internet connection. Even, if there are charges for some calls but anyway they are much cheaper than regular phone calls charges. Like some VoIP providers facilitate by allowing free calls in North America. Moreover, because these calls are carried through the internet so no heavy taxes are charged by the government on VoIP services, when to traditional phone calls. One significant effect that VoIP technology can bring to your business is Portability. Unlike PSTN VoIP is not location and distance dependent. That is not just you can call anywhere in the world but also take your network with you anywhere in the country. And all these without going over the cost.

With increasing demand and usage there has been a negative feedback also for using VoIP technology. One of the most annoying effect that people complain are robot calls. Robot calls are just not random annoying calls but they are security concern as well in VoIP network. There has been service theft, call tampering, phishing attacks, and most threatening theft of identity. Well, various VoIP providers and government are working on these issues. Moreover, hurdle people had faced using VoIP service is no services during blackouts and power cut, where traditional phones are independent of power supply. In addition to this, tracing location during emergency calls is also an issue because there is no proper physical location originates from a VoIP call. Quality and reliability is also an issue encountered by the companies. Hence there are some issues with VoIP technology but many companies with professional software and hardware developers are working to make VoIP services more reliable and secure. With the same passion DigitalPhone.io also endeavors hard to make its VoIP services better, reliable and secure for its precious clients.

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