The Near Future of VoIP industries with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ai technology

The VoIP industry took its baby steps in the early 2000s. And since then it is expanding and growing to become a bigger and more competitive market. The predicted growth of this ever developing industry is 9.8 in the subsequent four years. The communication industry witnessed the rapid advances in the VoIP technology within the span of few years and therefore has become the most prominent industry in giving seamless services.

In past few months and years, we have seen many collaborations of VoIP companies as the consequence of the increasing demands of the VoIP services by individuals and businesses as well. To improve the services and VoIP solutions, various companies now endeavor to practice Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their VoIP systems.  VoIP service providers now look up to AI to automatically improve their Quality of Service (QoS) problems which are instigated by the network issues or the poor performances of the system. Incorporating these AI tools can handle matters prior to the manual retrieving. Hence, the AI inventors are introducing a myriad of ways for automated practices that will be able to enhance the VoIP solutions drastically.

One such way is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Incorporating the IVR system in a VoIP service company can prove to be extremely beneficial as it will be operating and managing a large number of calls. Since it will reduce the staff set up for responding to queries, plus it will save the customers’ time. This feature promises to bring better customer satisfaction by using AI. The AI will garner all the relevant data about the customer like recent transactions and personal information to provide the customer with the solution.  The information gathered then can be sent to the appropriate representative who will serve the customer in a better way.

A merger of VoIP, Unified Communication (UC) and AI can also deliver improved solutions. Analyzing communication patterns and emails instantaneously can produce significant insights to the business developments plus sales data. Hence, it will be improving customer service and marketing strategies.

Incorporating AI in VoIP services can help business telecom in many other ways too.  It can enhance its call contact center operations by redirecting the customer to the relevant agent after gathering all the information of the customer. Or it can also improve conference calls by speech recognition technology and language interpretation for multinational companies.

This type of integrated VoIP industry can appeal a lot of customers and bring efficiency to the business. In respect to the advances in the VoIP technology, Carolina Digital Phone, which has been associated with VoIP business since 2000, is continuously providing its clients with the most advanced VoIP solutions at the market competitive pricing.