Voice Intelligence: VoIP Service Providers’ Next Step

voice intelligence ivie

Allen Place, Texas, March 2018, Cytracom

Cytracom launched Integrated Voice Intelligence Engine to provide its customers better VoIP solutions.

With the increasing demands of the customers to provide them with more thorough analytics and technical reports VoIP providers field from other industries, the VoIP service providers are looking for better ways to satisfy their customers and meet their expectations. VoIP providers are also facing demands to resolve the customer related issues in a quicker and more efficient way. Hence to overcome this pressure many VoIP service providers are in an effort to introduce new tools to handle their system more appropriately.

Cytracom, in its effort to fulfill such requirements of its customers, has decided to introduce Ivie to its VoIP services. The Cytracom is a phone service company based in Allen Place, Texas providing solutions integrating service providers, vendors, and customers. Integrated Voice Intelligence Engine (IVIE) is an analytics level designed within the Cytracom platform. Hence it assists resellers of the Cytracom to reach their end clients. It makes sure the continuity of voice call. Plus, it allows “active intelligence monitoring” by which partners can look and prevent the problems even before the customers realizing it and building trust on Cytracom reliable services. The Cytracom channel vice president Eric Pinto said, “We’re focused on what our partners need. What are they not capable of doing? We’re building out the tools they need so they can present the product and have more difficult conversations with customers about what they need rather than just about the sale.”

This VoIP firm has been practicing IVIE within the Cytracom for more than 12 months, internally. But now the company have decided to introduce this to its clients for better services confirming the launch of the monitoring application that dedicated to voice continuity. Throwing light on this issue the co-founder and CEO of Cytracom Zane Conkle said, “Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are under increasing pressure to proactively manage every aspect of their customer’s IT ecosystem, whether hosted locally or in the cloud. Keeping in line with our cloud-based VoIP solution, we have built Ivie from the ground up to empower MSPs with the automation and intelligence needed to simplify services management and bolster their customers’ confidence in VoIP.”

The Cytracom IVIE sends out signals when the quality of the call comes down to the threshold value which allows MSPs to immediately get to work and resolve the issue before the customer complaint is registered. Pointing out this issue Pinto said, “Providing the data analytics that will give [MSPs] day-by-day or hour-by-hour visibility and do some predictive analysis with it. They can see patterns. We can be a real partner to them rather than just saying I don’t know, must be your network.” Overcoming the issues of its customers DigitalPhone.io is continuously providing its clients with the most advanced VoIP solutions at the market competitive pricing.