Allen Place, Texas, March 2018, Cytracom Cytracom launched Integrated Voice Intelligence Engine to provide its customers better VoIP solutions. With the increasing demands of the customers to provide them with more thorough analytics and technical reports VoIP providers field from other industries, the VoIP service providers are looking for better ways to satisfy their customers and meet their expectations. VoIP providers are also facing demands to resolve the customer related issues in a quicker and more efficient way. Hence to overcome this pressure many VoIP service providers are in an effort to introduce new tools to handle their system more...

If you ask employees why they love their hosted cloud phone system and would sooner call in sick or stage a sit-in before going back to a conventional landline system, they’ll usually focus on features, features and yet more features.Whether they’re using video conferencing to connect face-to-face with colleagues, getting voicemails and faxes delivered to their inbox, creating customized auto-attendant greetings — and the list goes on — the biggest complaint that employees have about a hosted cloud phone system is that they didn’t get one sooner.At the same time, supervisors are also big hosted cloud phone system fans thanks...


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