What is IP Strobe Lighting and How Does it Work?

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Hosted Cloud Frequently Asked Question: What is IP Strobe Lighting and How Does it Work?

Recently, we looked at the basics of IP Paging, and how it is ideal for organizations such as corporations, schools, retailers, manufacturers, and more that need to broadcast announcements to multiple employees in one or more areas. However, what if your organization operates in a noisy environment such as a warehouse or call center, in a noise sensitive environment such as a courthouse or hospital, or needs to ensure compliance with ADA and OSHA regulations? That is where IP Strobe Lighting enters the picture!

What is IP Strobe Lighting?

IP Strobe Lighting emits bright LED lighting that is clearly visible in all directions (360 x 180 degrees). As such, it is ideal for providing employees in noisy or noise sensitive environments, as well as for employees who are hearing impaired, with a visual indication for telephone, safety and security events.

Connects to the Network

IP Strobe Lighting connects directly to a hosted IP network, and is managed just like any other endpoint. There is no need to connect through a Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS) port or an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).

Multiple Lighting Patterns

IP Strobe Lighting can be quickly programmed via an easy-to-use web interface for a variety of visual effects based on different scenarios. For example, a slow flash pattern and mild intensity light can be used to alert employees that the phone is ringing, while a fast flash pattern with strong intensity light can be used to alert employees that there is an emergency.

Multiple Color Options

In addition to a variety of flash patterns, you can also choose from four color options: clear, amber, blue and red. For example, a clear IP Strobe Light can emit for events like phone calls, while a red IP Strobe Light can be used for more urgent scenarios.

Multicast with IP Speakers

Each IP Strobe light can be configured to multicast to one or several IP Speakers (through IP Paging), in order to broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements. For example, by linking IP Strobe Lights and IP Speakers, schools can visually and audibly remind students when classes are about to begin.

Outdoor Use

When the wiring cavity is protected from water ingress (typically by using gaskets or some other suitable protective measure) IP Strobe Lighting can be used outdoors in rainy and snowy conditions ranging from -4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. IP Strobe Lights can also be mounted to walls, ceilings, or any other flat surface.

Superior to Xenon Flash Lamps

Compared to Xenon Flash Lamps, the LEDs used in IP Strobe Lights are superior in several areas: they use 60% less energy, they illuminate immediately and in full, they are more durable, they last considerably longer, and as noted above, the flash pattern and light intensity can be programmed to suit different scenarios (e.g. waiting phone call, security emergency, etc.).

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