It’s NOT Too Good to be True: Why Cloud Phone Systems Cost So Much Less than Conventional On-Premises Phone SystemsThough we’d rather not admit it, we’ve all suffered the misery of purchasing something that was so inexpensive that it seemed too good to be true — but we went ahead and bought it anyway, only to discover that the little voice in our head was 100% right.For example, how many of us have bought an ultra cheap toaster, only to have it break down in a matter of months, weeks — or sometimes even days? And how many times have...

Hosted Cloud Frequently Asked Question: What is IP Strobe Lighting and How Does it Work?Recently, we looked at the basics of IP Paging, and how it is ideal for organizations such as corporations, schools, retailers, manufacturers, and more that need to broadcast announcements to multiple employees in one or more areas. However, what if your organization operates in a noisy environment such as a warehouse or call center, in a noise sensitive environment such as a courthouse or hospital, or needs to ensure compliance with ADA and OSHA regulations? That is where IP Strobe Lighting enters the picture!What is IP...


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