4 Reasons We Do NOT Have a Technical Support Outsource Strategy

We do not outsource our technical support.

Just like our customers, here at Carolina Digital Phone, we are focused on ways of being more efficient, productive, and leaner. This is an incredibly competitive field, and “doing more with less” is not just helpful for success, but it is necessary for long-term survival. However, there is one thing that we will NEVER have, regardless of the alleged cost savings: a technical support outsourcing strategy.

Below, we highlight the 4 key reasons why we have not, do not, and will never have a technical support outsourcing strategy:

1. There is no substitute for rapid, responsive, and LOCAL service.

We simply cannot meet our exceptionally high customer service standards with a technical support outsourcing strategy. When our customers reach out to us, they expect to connect with an employee for personalized technical support service. Customers do not want a call center worker and his not familiar with their needs. For the best customer experience, our technical support team is there to assess technical issues or concerns, take ownership of the issue, and follow through each step of the way to resolution.

There is no substitute for LOCAL service. You should insist on this even if you decide not to become a Carolina Digital Phone customer — it really is THAT important! You deserve to speak with a real human being when you need help. Your business growth and success are our priority.

2. Quality Control May Be Out Of Your Hands

When it comes to quality control, having an in-house technical support solution is often the preferred option. In-house tech teams are most familiar with a product, allowing for more thorough technical assistance when resolving queries from customers. Furthermore, this makes it easier for companies to monitor and review how customer inquiries are handled, ensuring that only the best service is provided.

While it may appear to save money and reduce your costs, outsourcing technical support brings with it unique challenges when it comes to quality control. Companies have little say regarding who provides customer service, or how those agents were trained prior to taking on their role. When outsourcing customer operations, it is important to carefully consider the provider chosen to ensure high-quality output. The resulting poor customer service could cost much more in the long run.

3. A technical support outsourcing strategy can present privacy and security concerns.

These days, businesses cannot be too careful with their data and other sensitive and privileged information. When our customers reach out to us for help, they never have to worry about the risk of sharing data with some third party, which may be located in a country with much weaker privacy and data handling laws. When it comes to the management and security of our technology, we are serious about security. Our team is located at our headquarters in Greensboro, NC (and yes, you are invited to visit anytime to meet the group!).

4. We believe in creating quality permanent jobs here at home.

Last but certainly not least: our roots in Greensboro, and throughout North Carolina, run very deep (take a tour of our history here). We have seen this area grow over the last several decades from a relatively small business hub, into one of the country’s fastest-growing and most dynamic commercial centers.

We are immensely proud to support the area’s tremendous success and growth by creating quality, permanent jobs — including Technical Support positions — right here at home. When our customers choose us, they are also choosing to support North Carolina.

The Final Word

Over the years, we have had MANY opportunities and invitations to implement a technical support outsourcing strategy by shifting our support to another country. But due to the 4 reasons discussed above, we have never — and will never — head down that road.

And frankly, why would we? We are one of the highest-rated companies in the industry, we have some of the most loyal customers and longest-serving employees, and our all-in-one cloud phone system is highly affordable. So, more than 20 years after we first opened our doors, you could say that we must be doing something right!

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