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Why Your IT Staff Will Jump for Joy When You Switch to Hosted VoIP

As a breed, IT professionals tend not to be the most emotional folks on the business landscape — and that’s a good thing. A calm, cool and detached perspective is essential for accurate analysis. After all, we want an evaluation of the current state of the network defense system or a forecast of future bandwidth needs to be backed by data and best practices, not by cheers and a marching band.

However, there are times with IT professionals can’t help themselves and jump for joy — and maybe even shed tears of happiness. No, we aren’t talking about when end users stop saving passwords on sticky notes. We’re talking about when organizations switch from a bloated, old school landline phone system to a state-of-the-art hosted VoIP phone system.

Here are 3 key reasons why, for IT staff, hosted VoIP is the gift that keeps on giving:

1. Zero Support Burden

When organizations implement new technology, that loud groan of agony that erupts from the IT department (or the hallway, lunch room, or wherever they’re hanging out) is triggered by the miserable awareness that they — and not the vendor — will be responsible for providing support. That means plenty of compatibility headaches and end user “why doesn’t this thingy work?” questions are on the horizon.

Blissfully, this is not an issue with a hosted VoIP phone system. All support — including answer end user questions — is handled by off-site experts who understand the technology inside and out.

2. Automatic Updates

In addition to providing support for various tools and technologies, IT staff usually must manually update servers, desktops and devices. And since vendors can release dozens of updates a year, that means the to-do list for IT staff gets longer…and longer…and longer. Peace, love and joy under such conditions is unlikely. Actually, it’s pretty impossible.

But with a hosted VoIP phone system, IT staff don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to updates — because off-site experts handle everything from their end. What’s more, end users always know that they’re accessing the latest and safest version.

3. Enhanced Security

Speaking of safety: IT staff are on constant red alert for the latest malware variations and zero-day threats, which are exploits that cyber criminals have identified hours, days, weeks, or sometimes months before vendors release patches to close the gaps. And of course, if an endpoint is compromised or the network is breached, everyone uses IT staff as target practice to hone their screaming and swearing skills.

With a hosted VoIP phone system, external staff constantly monitor and update the server, and implement a range of security measures to both detect and prevent misuse; including call fraud and insider threats.

Does this mean that IT staff can take their foot off the gas when it comes to being hyper-vigilant about keeping the bad guys at bay? No. But it certainly means that IT staff will be asked to safeguard a smaller threat surface, which makes their jobs easier and more effective at the same time.

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