How Our Geo-Redundancy Infrastructure Drives High Availability


At Carolina Digital Phone, we know how essential it is for our customers to communicate with anyone, from anywhere, and at any time. That is why we utilize a state-of-the-art geo-redundancy infrastructure to drive high availability. Below, we explain how this technology works, and why it is so beneficial for our customers.

What is Geo-Redundancy?

Geo-redundancy involves distributing key infrastructure components (e.g. servers) across several data centers, which are located in different geographic regions. As a result of this setup, if one component falls below acceptable performance standards due to heavy usage or fails due to a local power outage, the workload seamlessly shifts to another component. It’s important to note that our customers do not have to make any configuration changes whatsoever. The switching to/from components is automatic and continuously monitored by our support team.

Key Benefits of Geo-Redundancy

  • High Performance: Geo-redundancy ensures that our customers consistently enjoy optimal cloud phone system performance. This is because traffic is shared across multiple nodes, which in turn leads to faster processing times and more effective resource utilization.
  • Business Continuity: Geo-redundancy ensures that our customers can access their cloud phone system even in the event of site level failures (e.g. man-made and natural disasters), because there is no single point of failure. For example, in September 2018 when Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, we were ready and prepared to route traffic from our data center in Research Triangle Park, NC, to our data centers located in other parts of NC.
  • Uninterrupted Updates and Upgrades: Geo-redundancy enables us to install updates and upgrades to our customers’ cloud phone system, as well as perform routine maintenance, without having to plan for downtime.
  • Enhanced Security: Geo-redundancy enables us to implement highly effective, fault-tolerant protection against high-volume attacks (e.g. DDoS) that are designed to bring down critical business applications and resources.

The Bottom Line

Our geo-redundancy architecture — which is part of our standard service offering and does not cost extra — ensures that our customers reliably, efficiently and easily communicate with anyone, from anywhere, and at any time. Superior high availability is what our customers clearly expect, and it is what we consistently deliver!