Employees use an average of about 2.3 devices - Of which 25% are mobile devices. When employees are able to work from anywhere, untethered from their desks, they can accomplish more. According to IDC, the global market intelligence and advisory firm, the U.S. mobile worker population is growing at a steady pace, increasing from 96 million four years ago, and expected to reach 105 million in 2020. By next year, it’s estimated that mobile workers will account for 72 percent of the American workforce. Supported by unified communications as a service (UCaaS) technologies, work is no longer a place so much...

At Carolina Digital Phone, we know how essential it is for our customers to communicate with anyone, from anywhere, and at any time. That is why we utilize a state-of-the-art geo-redundancy infrastructure to drive high availability. Below, we explain how this technology works, and why it is so beneficial for our customers.What is Geo-Redundancy?Geo-redundancy involves distributing key infrastructure components (e.g. servers) across several data centers, which are located in different geographic regions. As a result of this setup, if one component falls below acceptable performance standards due to heavy usage or fails due to a local power outage, the workload...


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