Looking for Business Phone Providers Near Me? 3 Questions You MUST Ask

woman searching "business phone providers near me"

When you ask Google to find “business phone providers near me,” then you will get plenty of options (possibly including one that brought you to this article!). Obviously, Google is helpful here — but there is MUCH more to the story that you need to know.

Why? Because while Google (which is by far the most popular search engine on the planet) can list some “business providers near me,” it cannot go deeper and tell you which specific providers are trustworthy and credible — and which are not. In other words: just being in close proximity to a business phone provider is not enough! To ensure that your experience and investment is rewarding vs. regrettable, you also need to ask three critically important questions:

1. Do they have in-house support specialists?

Just because a company shows up after searching for “business phone providers near me” DOESN’T automatically mean that they have in-house support specialists. They may outsource this to independent consultants or some other third-party. In fact, some business phone providers route service calls/emails/texts to a contact center located in another state or country! For example, here is what an unhappy AT&T customer had to say about his awful experience

“How can I speak to a customer service rep who speaks English? The last guy I was connected to spoke broken English and I didn’t understand about 50% of what he said AND there was a rooster crowing in the background!  I pay AT&T tons of $$$ and can’t even get someone to answer a few questions!!!”

The moral to this cautionary tale? If you are looking for “business phone providers near me,” then you definitely want to make sure when you need help and support, that you’ll be connecting with a specialist who can be there the same day/next day — and not someone who is on another continent (and possibly being chased by a rooster!).

2. Are they highly experienced?

Simply because a business phone provider is local, does not mean that they are experienced. There are three core aspects where deep experience makes ALL the difference:

  • BEFORE you choose a business phone system, an experienced provider helps you focus on what matters most. They will not steer you in the wrong direction, because your success is their success.  
  • DURING installation and implementation, an experienced provider works closely with your team to make the process as straightforward and efficient as possible. The last thing that you want is disruption that creates chaos at work and frustrates your customers. An experienced provider will go above and beyond to prevent this from happening.
  • AFTER your phone system is in place, an experienced provider makes sure that your organization is taking the shortest path to value, and taking full advantage of all functions, features, and (relevant and applicable) integration options.  

The bottom line? There is no substitute for experience! Choose a business phone provider who has “been there, done that” — so that you can safely avoid hassles, headaches, nasty surprises, and plenty of extra costs.   

Do they actually operate in the local community?

This last question may seem rather strange. After all, when you search for “business phone providers near me,” then naturally you assume that the companies that Google suggests are nearby. But…are they? Maybe not!

Some business phone providers have a footprint in various locations across the country. For example, they may be based in Los Angeles, yet they have a “virtual office” in Greensboro. Plus, they typically have a toll-free number and/or a local number. 

Yes, it is true that these providers will serve customers that are actually located hundreds or thousands of miles away IF there is enough profit involved. But they are NOT local, regardless of what Google says!

It is extremely important that you get clarity on this. The last thing you want to discover after you “sign on the dotted line” is that you must wait several days for a support technician to visit you on-site. And you definitely don’t want to be treated like a “second class customer” because the provider knows that you are not going to show up at their door. And of course: when you support a truly local business phone provider, then you can feel great about driving local economic growth and helping to create quality jobs.

The Bottom Line When Searching For Business Phone Providers Near Me

Using Google to search for “’business phone providers near me” is a smart step — but it is not the last step. You also need to ask the questions outlined in this article, so you can confirm that:

  • You will always get fast, responsive on-site support.
  • You will be served by experts who know your business phone system inside and out (what good is dealing with someone local if they don’t know what they’re doing?)
  • You will be choosing a provider that is legitimately local — and not just pretending to be nearby.

At Carolina Digital Phone, we are proud to check ALL of these boxes (hint: the clue is in the name!). Schedule a demo of our all-in-one business phone system. Call us now at (336) 544-4000, or chat with us by clicking the icon on the bottom of your screen.