Workplace Flexibility: 7 Ways that a Cloud Phone System Makes it Happen

happy businesswoman with papers talking on smartphone while sitting on table in office - workplace flexibility

In today’s uncertain, fast-paced, constantly-changing and relentlessly competitive business landscape, having a flexible workplace is crucial for success — and in the long run, survival. But how can organizations optimize workplace flexibility, so they can embrace rather than resist change? The answer is simple: upgrade to a cloud phone system. 
Below, we highlight seven critically important ways that a cloud phone system drives workplace flexibility:

Location Flexibility

The most well-known — and indeed, the most valuable — way that a cloud phone system makes workplace flexibility happen is by enabling employees to access the system from anywhere. For example, employees can use a softphone or a deskphone while in the corporate office, and then switch to a smartphone when on-the-road or in their home office. 

What’s more, outgoing calls from a smartphone show the organization’s name/number on Caller ID — not the employee’s personal name/number. This is important for privacy, and it also presents a more professional and polished image.

Call Transfer Flexibility

With a cloud phone system, employees can seamlessly transfer live calls between devices. Which is extremely important when providing sales and technical support. Instead of asking customers to call back later, reps and agents simply transfer the live call without interruption. This can mean the difference between generating loyal long-term customers vs. losing them to the competition. 

Device Flexibility

Leading cloud phone systems — such as the all-in-one cloud phone solution that we offer at Carolina Digital Phone — are designed to be device agnostic. This means that organizations have the freedom and flexibility to choose the devices that fit their needs and budget. Which may include a mix of basic and advanced deskphones, conference phones, and more.  It also means that organizations can leverage their existing investment in smartphones, which could save thousands of dollars.

Deployment Flexibility

Staffing needs change based on a variety of internal and external factors — including those that were not anticipated. A cloud phone system empowers organizations to seamlessly change the size of their deployment. For example, they can easily add lines/extensions to accommodate new employees (including temporary hires). Or reduce the size of their deployment if they consolidate operations. Effectively eliminating unnecessary costs. This level of deployment and workplace flexibility cannot be matched by conventional landline phone systems.  

Recruiting Flexibility

Speaking of human resources: since a cloud phone system supports remote workers, organizations can greatly expand their recruiting area. This is especially important for smaller firms that have a tough (or perhaps impossible) time competing with larger enterprises in their area for coveted talent.     

Communication Flexibility

An advanced all-in-one cloud phone system is not just for making and receiving calls (voice and video). Employees can also communicate through SMS/text messages. As well as see at-a-glance whether colleagues are available, busy, or away from their desk. And since it is so simple and intuitive to use, supporting workplace flexibility is easy. 

Business Continuity Flexibility

Conventional phone systems use an on-site PBX. Which means that if the local power goes out then the system will go offline for seconds, minutes, hours, or in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or flood, possibly even days. A cloud phone system does not face this risk. If the local power goes out for any reason, then the system automatically switches to another part of the state or country where power is operational. As such, employees can continue using the system through their smartphones without interruption.

The Bottom Line

Forbes points out that “The way we do business has dramatically shifted and anything that isn’t flexible enough for the ride will be left behind….it’s more important to be flexible now than it ever has been.” A cloud phone system drives essential workplace flexibility and helps organizations strategically and successfully adjust to changing dynamics — now and into the future.  

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