You Must Have Thermal Analytics For Your Business To survive

thermal scan

As the world advances toward reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic, your business needs to be prepared. Carolina Digital Phones has solutions to your communication needs through our dependable, affordable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services. Our partners at AT&T IoT (Internet of Things) are preparing integrated solutions for businesses with public spaces in need of real-time monitoring of body temperature through Thermal Analytics.

In the new economy, being able to monitor a large number of people without bringing your company to a halt will ensure your business or institution runs smoothly without major bottlenecks or delays. Being able to adapt to new requirements in a post-coronavirus world will set you apart from your competitors.

What does Thermal Analytics provide?

• Near-real-time reporting of temperature reading for rapid screening
• Non-invasive solution for checking elevated body temperature
• Standalone, scalable, or existing customer-owned Video Management System (VMS) integration options

How can using thermal analytics help your business?
Using state-of-the-art technology, Thermal Analytics will integrate with Video Intelligence in an end-to-end, integrated solution designed for monitoring and analyzing people, assets, and property. It provides near-real-time situational awareness and reporting from new or existing video cameras and delivers alerts to help you make faster, more informed decisions. It helps implement new monitoring requirements needed to get back to business.

Potential areas of Use

• Thermal imaging camera & analytics package
• Office & government buildings
• Detects a human with an elevated temperature
• Hospitals, medical facilities upon a pre-defined temperature range (e.g. 100°F+)
• Airports, any transportation stations
• Utilizes passive technology to help replace manual, human intervention
• Business & educational campuses
• Venues, stadiums, parks, events

To be frank, the cost of this technology is expensive and is not for everyone. However, if your large institution is dependant on moving a great volume of people in or out in a timely manner, you need to evaluate the value of this technology. Solutions can be scaled with multiple cameras within 300 feet per gateway. If a fully integrated solution is needed, our partners at AT&T Business can support setup through Professional Services with IoT Video Intelligence offering.

If you are interested in Thermal Analytics for your business, it is urgent that you call Carolina Digital Phone now at (336)850-5400. The demand for this technology will be high. If you miss out on early-implementation, you may not have the opportunity again for a long time.