10 Great Things You May Not Know About Our Softphone App

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There is growing — but cautious — optimism that the very worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, and we can start looking forward to a summer filled with fishing, golf, barbecues with family and friends, and other things that make life worth living.
And speaking of inspiring news, here are 10 great things that you may not know about our softphone app:

  1. It is offered FREE to all of our valued customers. There is no additional charge of any kind.
  2. It is available for iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets).
  3. It installs quickly, and the streamlined clutter-free interface and easy-to-use dial pad is perfect for smaller screen sizes.
  4. It allows users to maintain the same business identity when making and receiving calls from any location, regardless of the device. This is vital for both professionalism and privacy.
  5. Users can easily transfer live calls from one device to another without interruption.
  6. It is designed to mirror the interface of our web browser app so that users can seamlessly switch back and forth throughout the day.
  7. It has calling features that users love, including a voicemail indicator with details (name/number of the caller, time of call, length of message); full list of contacts (app and phone); Complete call history (made and missed); and answering rules.
  8. Users can instantly see if their colleagues are available (green dot), busy (red dot), or away/offline (grey dot).
  9. Instead of making a phone call or sending an email, users can chat/SMS and send photos using MMS with colleagues anytime, anywhere.
  10. Users can one-tap dial any stored contact, saving time, and preventing dialing errors.

If you’re an existing Carolina Digital Phone customer: Start using the softphone app now to extend your hosted phone system’s service and functionality beyond the desktop. Remember, the app is offered to you at NO COST, and installation is fast and easy. Click below to download the app based on your device’s operating system:

If you’re not yet a Carolina Digital Phone customer: Connect with us now by clicking the chat button on the bottom right of your screen or by calling us at (336)850-5400 to schedule your live guided demo, which can be delivered over-the-web (no need to worry about social distancing). We will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our cloud phone system and smartphone app. There’s no risk, no obligation, and no pressure — just an informative and friendly consultation with one of North Carolina’s most trusted and recommended telecommunications companies.