Still Unsure About Switching to a Cloud Telephone System? Read This Now!

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If you are a business owner or executive, then obviously you want to find ways to save money — especially these days with so much uncertainty about the future.

Switching from a landline telephone system to a cloud telephone system will save your business anywhere from around 20%-50% per year (and possibly more). Plus, your staff — regardless of whether they are in a home office or workplace location — will have access to a full range of enterprise-grade calling features like voicemail-to-email and auto attendant that will help them be more productive and efficient. On top of this, your customers will get faster and better service.

So, when you add up all of the measurable benefits, switching to a cloud telephone system is a no-brainer, right?

Well, perhaps not.

This is because, despite the advantages, you may still be unsure. Yes, switching may have been on your mind for months or maybe years. But you haven’t moved forward and committed.

Are you being irrational? Not at all. You’re simply demonstrating a common belief that you are better off sticking what you know (even if you don’t like it) vs. taking a chance on something new. It’s kind of a “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” thing.

Except there is no “devil” to fear in a cloud telephone system. It’s the real deal. It’s like going from Standard Definition television to 4K, or from a dial-up modem to 5G broadband. It’s not just an upgrade. It’s a game-changer.

And so, to help your business reap the rewards of a cloud telephone system — including saving thousands of dollars a year, more productive employees (including remote workers), and increasing customer satisfaction — we’ve put together a list of objections that you may have, and addressed each one:

Objection: Switching to a cloud telephone system is complex, and we don’t want to experience any disruption to our business right now.

What you need to know: Switching to a cloud telephone system is not complex and does not require any downtime. There are no messy wires to run through your walls, because everything runs on your existing data network (the same one that you use for emails, transferring files, connecting to the internet, and so on). The process is as fast and simple as plugging in IP phones.

Objection: Our staff is familiar with our existing phone system, and we don’t want them to spend time learning a new phone system.

What you need to know: Learning to use a cloud telephone system is not like learning to use a new software solution, such as a database, CRM, or a project management platform. It is extremely easy and intuitive and does not require any technical knowledge whatsoever. Literally within 15 minutes (maybe even quicker), your staff will know how to make/receive calls, check their voicemail, set call forwarding rules, and use other features. It’s refreshingly simple and very user-friendly.

Objection: We’ve heard that the audio for cloud telephone systems isn’t that great.

What you need to know: Your opinion is likely based on using products like Skype or Google Voice, which are not designed for business use. They are meant for personal use (although some businesses use them), and are excessively “over-subscribed” — which means that there are far more people using these services than there should be. Think of a freeway that is built for 1,000 cars, and imagine that there are 10,000 cars instead. What you get is a massive traffic jam where everyone moves very s-l-o-w-l-y. It’s the same story with over-subscribed cloud phone platforms. There isn’t enough capacity to handle the load, and so you deal with static, echo, and dropped calls.
However, this is not the case with a business-class cloud telephone system. In fact, the audio quality is BETTER. Why? Because cloud telephone systems broadcast at more than twice the range of landline phone systems — which translates into HIGHER quality audio, not LOWER quality audio. To learn more, read our article here. It’s a real eye (and ear) opener!

Objection: We don’t want to lose our existing business phone number(s).

What you need to know: Your existing business number(s) can be ported from your landline phone system to a cloud phone system. What’s more, you won’t have to do any administrative work at all. Our team will take care of everything on your behalf, including sending in the request to your carrier.

Objection: We’re interested in learning more, but don’t know where to start.

What you need to know: We offer a free consultation that we can deliver over-the-web at a time that suits you — including in the morning before your business opens, in the evening after you close for the day, or on the weekend. This free consultation is an opportunity for you to get answers to specific and important questions that are unique to your business. We’ll save you an enormous amount of time by helping you focus on what really matters.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, sticking with what you know is the better part of wisdom. But there are other times when making an intelligent and informed change is in your best interest. Switching to a cloud telephone system is definitely one of those times, because it’s a proven and established way to save money, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. Tens of thousands of businesses have already made the switch and are thrilled with the process and results.

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