How COVID-19 Makes Small Businesses Better

business opening up

Is your company ready for not just survival but growth as we enter the “new normal” after COVID-19? Withstanding the weeks of change and uncertainty have given businesses some challenges, to say the least. But as multiple states reopen in phases, there are some promising lessons we can learn.

It would be quite a stretch to suggest there is a “silver lining” in a pandemic. There will, however, be innovative, and newly discovered ways to bounce back from this event. Many businesses can exceed their recovery expectations and emerge stronger. Moving ahead, we will know how to be prepared for unforeseen setbacks.

Here are lessons we can learn:

Planning in advance for catastrophe is essential
While businesses have prepared for inclement weather and unexpected circumstances on a local level, few saw the probability of a mandatory shut down lasting months. Don’t get blind-sided, prepare now for the next disaster.

  • Look at response times and communication gaps.
  • Consider which functions were affected during the shutdown.
  • Survey affected staff and clients. Ask questions to gain insights.
  • Identify third parties who can help with staffing, supply chain, or customer support.

Use the information gained during the shutdown to craft a response. Once you create your plan, then reassess your strategy and brainstorm ways to reduce risks. Use the current crisis to build your response and prepare for the unexpected.

A Seamless Transition to Remote Work Supports Continuity

Was your business ready to change to a work from home strategy quickly? Switching your business model to the cloud takes some preparation. The coronavirus pandemic forced companies to choose between closing or moving to a remote work model. With an uncertain future, it’s critical to prepare your remote work plan.

Speak with everyone in your organization to assess your situation. Do some soul-searching to determine what is or isn’t working.

If you were caught unprepared and had to piece together a strategy just to make it through, now is the time to create a plan and put it in place.

You should be prepared to communicate easily with customers and employees from anywhere. If you put VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service in place now, you will be able to quickly move your team to work remotely when needed. Make sure you get a full range of enterprise-grade features such as auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, live call forwarding, video conferencing, and more. It is critical that you can access essential data and operations via the cloud so you can support clients without a lapse in service.

Implement solutions that support your remote work strategy, like consolidated communications. Ensure that everyone in your organization is properly trained in the latest remote work technologies. Now is the time to make sure that your company infrastructure is updated and flexible.

Just surviving a massive disaster like the coronavirus pandemic is tough on small businesses. But taking the right steps now to develop your plan will better prepare you to handle future crises. Let’s all hope and pray that we will never have to endure another mess like the COVID-19 outbreak. But being prepared with a cloud-based business model, and communication strategies will help you keep your doors open during future changing conditions.

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