5 Reasons Why a Cloud Phone System is FAR BETTER than a Landline+Smartphone for Your Remote Workers

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Regardless of the size of your business, there’s a very good chance that you either have some staff working from home right now, or you’ll have some staff working from home in the near future (if not exclusively, then partially). This has nothing to do with social distancing, and everything to do with the fact that remote working is generally cheaper for employers and generally preferred by employees. Plus it’s good for the environment.

However, if you think that a conventional landline+smartphone is sufficient for your remote workers, then think again! Here are 5 reasons why a cloud phone system is a FAR BETTER option:

1. Centralized Platform

A cloud phone system enables all of your remote workers to connect and communicate on a single, centralized platform through voice and SMS/chat. This is much more efficient than when remote workers are obliged to use a variety of different tools and apps. For example, one team might use Facebook Messenger, one team might use Slack, one team might use What’s App, and so on. Trying to get everyone aligned can be chaotic — or simply impossible. It can also lead to monitoring problems and compliance issues.

2. One Number vs. Multiple Numbers

Remote workers typically have multiple phone numbers, and trying to reach them can be a frustrating process of trial and error. A cloud phone system eliminates this problem. Remote workers are given a unique phone number, which they simply route based on where they are. For example, they can receive calls on their personal smartphone, their home landline, or anywhere else.

3. Business Caller ID Profile

You don’t want your remote workers’ personal name/number to show up on Caller ID when they reach out to customers, suppliers, vendors, strategic partners, and other stakeholders. This is not just about professionalism — it’s also about privacy, security, and compliance. With a cloud phone system, this is a non-issue. Regardless of whether they make calls from their IP phone (which they simply plug in to use), their computer (through a headset+web-based app), their personally-owned smartphone, or their corporately-supplied smartphone, the business name and number will always display on caller ID.

4. Seamlessly Transfer Live Calls

Just as in-office workers aren’t necessarily always at their desks, remote workers aren’t always in their home office. They may be on the road visiting clients or taking care of other work-related duties. With a cloud phone system, they can easily and seamlessly transfer live calls from one device to another. For example, they can answer a call on their home office IP phone, transfer it to their smartphone as they walk to their car, and transfer it again to their car’s Bluetooth audio as they drive. While this advantage is a win for all remote workers, it’s especially valuable for sales and support reps.

5. Full Call Control

With a cloud phone system, your remote workers can easily manage their contacts, voicemails, call history, answering rules, greetings, presence, and all other configurations. At the same time, supervisors and managers can track call-related metrics and key performance indicators (volume of calls, duration of calls, etc.), to monitor productivity, identify coaching opportunities, and recognize and reward top performers.

Extremely Affordable

In addition to all of the above advantages, a cloud phone system supports the seamless integration of existing mobile devices, which allows your remote workers to be managed at a fraction of the cost of legacy hardware. In fact, costs can be as low as $20 per remote worker!

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