3 Must-Have Small Business Benefits of a Web-Based Softphone

woman using a web-based softphone

For stockbrokers — and day traders whose multi-monitor home office setup rivals NASA Mission Control — the mantra for success is: “buy low, sell high.” For real estate investors, it’s: “location, location, location.” And what about small business owners? Well, their key to success is: “DO MORE WITH LESS!” And one of the simplest and smartest ways to achieve this goal is with a web-based softphone.

Below, we highlight 3 must-have small business benefits of a web-based softphone:

1. Support Remote and Hybrid Workers

The pandemic dramatically accelerated the number of people working remotely full-time and hybrid (i.e. switching between home office/corporate office). With a web-based softphone, small businesses equip their employees to stay connected and productive regardless of where they are located. 

And just as importantly: with a web-based softphone, employees maintain the SAME business identity when making and receiving calls from any location regardless of device (desktop PC or laptop), and have full management control over various customizations, configurations, and calling features including: 

  • Easy-to-use dial pad (this is ideal for employees who are using small laptop screens or tablets) 
  • Voicemail indicator with details (name/number of each caller, time of call, length of message) 
  • Full list of contacts 
  • Complete call history (made and missed) 
  • Answering rules

2. Significantly Reduce Telecom Costs With a Web-Based Softphone

With a conventional landline phone system, providing all employees with their own phone number can be extremely expensive — and for many small businesses, the cost is prohibitive. This is not the case with a web-based softphone. For a remarkably low price, all employees — including temporary and seasonal hires — can get their very own phone number/extension. 

Plus, there is no need to purchase handsets for every single employee (most small businesses usually purchase a few headsets for specific employees or common use, but this is optional). All that employees need is a standard and easily affordable headset/microphone.

How much will a small business save after switching to a web-based softphone? This depends on factors such as the number of employees, and if any devices are purchased (e.g. handsets, conference call systems, etc.). Generally, small businesses can expect to save as much as 60% per month on telephone services. And switching is hassle-free and can be completed in just a few days.  

3. Seamlessly Switch Between Devices With a Web-Based Softphone

What happens when an employee is on an important call with a customer but needs to change locations? With a conventional landline phone system, they have to pause the call and ask the other party to resume it later on. This may be (and often is) perceived as unimpressive and inconvenient. 

This pitfall doesn’t exist with a web-based softphone, since employees can seamlessly transfer live calls between devices. For example, they can:

  • Answer a call at their corporate office desk using their web-based softphone 
  • Transfer the call to their smartphone as they walk out to their car
  • Take the call to their car’s Bluetooth system while they drive home
  • Transfer the call to their smartphone as they walk into their home
  • Transfer the call to a web-based softphone in their home office

Transferring calls between devices simply takes a few clicks or taps — and can mean the difference between impressing a customer vs. losing one! 

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For small businesses “doing more with less” is not just wise advice: it is a fundamental necessity. A web-based softphone is a smart, proven, and future-proofed way to achieve this goal — and drive growth and profitability!

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