Carolina Digital Phone Customer Spotlight – Granville Vance Public Health

David Jones – IT Manager of Granville Vance Public Health

Meet David Jones – IT Manager of Granville Vance Public Health

In 2020 Granville Vance Public Health had a problem. They needed an update to their telephone system. They were using an older Mitel in-house hosted phone system that just didn’t give them the features they required. Of course, upgrading with Mitel was one option. However, upgrading an old, outdated on-premise system would have cost them a significant amount of money. And even then, David Jones, Granville Vance Health IT Manager says, the system would still not offer the flexibility and ease of use they were seeking. 

Seemingly simple tasks like changing a phone number on an extension were a chore with the old system. What Jones needed was a phone system that allows changes to be made quickly and easily. Having used Carolina Digital Phone at his previous job, Jones knew the system would solve his needs at Granville Vance Public Health. He is now able to make the changes he needs from home or, in fact, anywhere through the Carolina Digital Phone Manager Portal without having to go through extra steps.

Crisis Averted at Granville Vance Public Health

“There is no way we could have handled the pandemic with Mitel,” reflects Jones. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a call center was opened up for the two counties they serve. Like many health departments, Granville Vance Public Health was swamped. They handled an estimated 5,000 calls per day at the height of the pandemic. Switching to Carolina Digital Phone allowed the health system to weather the storm and provide the assistance their customers needed.

Like businesses and government agencies worldwide, Granville Vance Public Health had many employees who needed to work remotely during the pandemic. With the new VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones it worked out great with no issues for those working from home. Jones also sings the praises of the Carolina Digital Phone mobile app. “I can’t tell you how much we’ve saved” on cell phones for employees. Now, instead of having to carry around a personal as well as a business cell phone, all employees can simply sign in to the mobile app and make and receive calls as they would from their office phones.

You Get Us

Not being a giant corporation, Carolina Digital Phone can offer the personal touch that other much larger telephone providers just can’t. When you do business with Carolina Digital Phone, you are treated like a friend, not just a customer. That’s where Joan Wilkerson comes in. Joan is the account manager who takes care of the needs of Granville Vance Public Health. “Dealing with Joan has been fantastic!” says Jones with a smile in his voice. “I have nothing but good things to say about Carolina Digital Phone.”

Granville Vance Public Health also uses Carolina Digital Phone’s digital faxing service. When they began searching for a fax option, they were surprised at the high price tag from some providers. Carolina Digital Phone offers HIPAA-compliant faxing at a very reasonable price. Faxing from Carolina Digital Phone also allows email faxing and sending of faxes from any computer.

The Future Looks Bright

The future holds a promise of expansion for Granville Vance Public Health. The health department has already grown from about 83 employees when Jones started and is up to about 94 employees. He expects the expansion to continue. When it comes to growing their phone system, working with Carolina Digital Phone has made a world of difference. “Y’all did all the hard work for me and set up the basic infrastructure, making it a very seamless change,” says Jones.

Tasks like adding new employees are always handled quickly. Jones knows when he calls in and speaks to Customer Service Manager Randy Williams, his request will be taken care of in a timely fashion. Often when Jones makes a service request, his issue is taken care of within the hour. He emphasizes, “The customer support that you all provide is fantastic! I recommend Carolina Digital Phone to everybody. There’s no other phone company around here I would recommend.” 

If you are looking for help with your business telephone system, you can contact Carolina Digital Phone at (336) 544-4000.

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