Carolina Digital Solutions: 3 Ways We Offer MORE than the Best Cloud Phone System

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If you’re a frequent visitor to our website and perhaps a longtime customer, then please don’t let the title of this blog confuse you. We are still proudly called Carolina Digital Phone. And so, why are we temporarily removing the “Phone” part of our name and referring to “Carolina Digital Solutions”?

The answer is that we want to highlight that we offer much MORE than the industry’s best all-in-one cloud phone system. Below, we provide a summary of tools and products that enable our customers to reduce costs, boost productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.  

Carolina Digital Solutions: Video Conferencing

The pandemic transformed video conferencing from an optional nice-to-have into an essential requirement. And so, it’s a good thing — or make that a GREAT thing —  that our all-in-one cloud phone system features crystal clear HD video conferencing

And the good news keeps coming: video conference participants don’t have to install an app — which is not just tedious and potentially confusing but can be a major security risk.  Instead, participants simply click a link and the video conference is 100% browser-based. It only takes a second, absolutely anyone can do it (yes, even folks who are terrified of tech), and there is nothing to download!  

Carolina Digital Solutions: Mobile Apps

Just like video conferencing has become the norm, remote working has shifted from the sidelines to the mainstream. Research has found that a whopping 87% of workers who are offered remote work embrace the opportunity. Most spend an average of three days a week working from home. 

The Carolina Digital Solutions mobile app is perfect for keeping remote teams connected. Whether they’re working from their home office, on-site at a client, or anywhere else. With a few simple taps on their smartphone (either personally-owned or corporately-supplied), workers can:

  • Send/receive text, SMS, and MMS messages.
  • Get team status updates to know who is available, busy, or away in real time.
  • Access call history to see who called/who was called, when, and how long the conversation took (right down to the second).
  • Easily create and change call answering rules (e.g., forward calls to another number, have multiple phones ring at the same time, and more).

Carolina Digital Solutions: E-Faxing

Faxing continues to be a popular communication method in many sectors, such as health care and law. That’s why we offer secure, easy-to-use e-faxing.  The advantages include: 

  • E-faxing is significantly more secure than attaching a document to an email.
  • E-faxing eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a costly fax machine and separate phone line.
  • Everything happens in the cloud, which means there is no bulky fax machine taking up valuable office space. 
  • Team members can send/receive faxes from anywhere, at any time.
  • Detailed reports are available through a secure web-based portal.

The Final Word

We have no plans to change our company name from Carolina Digital Phone to Carolina Digital Solutions. But we do enjoy helping businesses understand that we offer so much MORE than the industry’s best all-in-one cloud phone system.  

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