[URGENT NEWS] Our Plan for Hurricane Ian Hitting North and South Carolina

Ian came ashore on the afternoon of September 28th near Cayo Costa, Florida. It was initially classified as a Category 4 storm, then re-classified overnight as a Tropical Storm, before regaining strength and getting upgraded to Hurricane status.

At the moment, Ian is forecast to hit the Charleston, SC area in the afternoon of September 30. It is then expected to hit the Charlotte, NC area in the afternoon of October 1.

We Are Here to Serve You

Be advised that the Carolina Digital Phone Support Team is “all hands on deck” to assist you over the next few days. Be assured that we have extensive maintenance operations and support our customers during times of crisis, such as during Hurricane Florence in September 2018.

Our Instructure

Nicky Smith, our Founder, and CEO is a lifelong Eagle Scout — and as such, it should come as no surprise that we are PREPARED. We have multiple data centers located in Greensboro NC, Research Triangle Park NC, and Dallas TX. In addition, we have data center servers in Ashburn VA, and Dublin, OH. Each of these locations has battery backups and generators that can support us for up to 14 days without needing to be recharged. Basically, we have “over-engineered” our infrastructure to ensure that we have FULL geo-redundancy for all voice and messaging services.

How to Contact Us

In order for us to work as effectively and efficiently as possible, we ask that you send any support requests to [email protected]. This email address is constantly monitored and your issue will be addressed at the earliest possible opportunity.

If your matter is urgent, then please call us at (336) 346-6000. We will make every effort to speak with you as quickly as possible. However, since we may be handling other customer issues, there might be a delay. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Some Things We Can Control — Others We Cannot

As noted above, we have made substantial investments in our infrastructure to ensure continuity. Yet, we must also acknowledge that some things are outside of our control. Specifically, we are dependent on internet connections throughout the area. Similarly, each of our customers is dependent on their local power company and Internet Services Provider (ISP). Furthermore, mobile users may be affected if cellular towers go offline or lose connectivity.

In the event of a major internet or power outage in one or multiple locations, you may experience a dropped call. However, in this event, our automatic failover system will immediately kick in, and within seconds you should be able to make/receive calls without any further disruption.

Ongoing Updates

We will continue to publish updates on our Network Status Page. We also urge you to watch your local news or visit https://weather.com for the latest information and advisories.

We hope and pray that you and yours will be safe.