7 Key VoIP Features for Schools

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There are many important reasons why school boards across the country have switched from an expensive and inflexible old-fashioned landline phone system to a cost-effective and future-proofed VoIP phone system. However, when it comes to using a VoIP phone system on a day-to-day basis, what teachers, administrators, executives, and all other staff love the most are features, features, and yet more features! 

Below, we highlight 7 key VoIP features for schools that have staff saying “wow, this is amazing — how in the world did we manage before this?”:

Key VoIP Features for Schools: Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is an automated, customizable, and easy-to-use virtual receptionist. Not only does this feature efficiently and conveniently route callers to the right individual or team (e.g. maintenance staff, athletics department, etc.), but it also allows schools to customize greetings. For example, if a storm forces a football game to be canceled, then the Auto Attendant can inform parents and students of this news. This helps to keep everyone updated.  

Key VoIP Features for Schools: Direct Inward Dial

One of the biggest limitations of conventional landline phone systems is that typically callers must go through the main office to be connected to a specific teacher staff member (e.g. teacher, coach, etc.). This is tedious for callers, and it is also an administrative burden for the main office staff. With a VoIP phone system, staff can be assigned their own unique extension, and therefore be contacted directly.  

Key VoIP Features: Mobile Apps

With a VoIP phone system, staff members simply download a mobile app and access the system anytime, and from anywhere. What’s more, when staff members make outgoing calls, the name and number of their school show up on Caller ID. This protects their private name and number, even if they are using their personally-owned device. It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular of all VoIP features for schools! 

Key VoIP Features for Schools: Video Conferencing

The pandemic has thrust video conferencing into the spotlight. As we move towards full recovery many meetings — formal and informal — will continue to take place remotely. A VoIP system features video conferencing, so that staff members (e.g. teachers, administrators, executives, etc.) can connect through high-quality video and audio.  

Key VoIP Features: SMS Alerts

SMS alerts (a.k.a. text messages) greatly improve school communication in a variety of ways. For example:  

  • Keeping parents, staff, and others informed during emergencies.
  • Reminding parents of upcoming interviews.
  • Promoting school events.
  • Enhancing internal communication between staff members.
  • Keeping students organized and safe during field trips.

Features for Schools: IP Paging

IP Paging uses special speakers that connect to a VoIP phone system. Each speaker has a unique extension that can be dialed into to broadcast an announcement. It is also possible to dial into multiple speakers and to set up scheduled pre-recorded announcements.   

Features for Schools: Voicemail-to-Email 

Sometimes, teachers and other staff members cannot check their voicemails until a break or the end of the day. This could mean missing an important, time-sensitive message. That is where this feature comes in! Voicemails are automatically converted to audio files and then sent as email attachments. It is also possible to have audio files automatically transcribed into the body of an email.

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