Burned by RingCentral? Here is What You Can Do About It

If you have been let down by RingCentral, then you are definitely not alone. A quick search reveals that numerous current and former RingCentral customers feel the same way. Here is a brief snapshot of some of the grievances:

A RingCentral complaint posted on the Better Business Bureau’s website (342 complaints currently posted):

“RingCentral could not fix our technical issue even after multiple communication. They took 1 week to respond every time we sent them information. We had a contract from September 2019 to September 2020 and after that term, we started to have technical issues. We decided to find another supplier in 2021 because it was impacting our business. RingCentral continued to charge multiple hundred dollars for 2 months even when we told them to stop. All businesses have to know how RingCentral does business.” 


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A RingCentral complaint posted on SiteJabber.com (overall rating 2.1 stars out of 5):

“Setup is easy, the system is not hard to learn but if you have an issue with quality or on the backend of the system forcing you to contact support. Forget it… You are dealing with agents overseas that are entry-level at best. The purpose of becoming a partner with a company would be to have some dedicated agents or a team to help with new accounts or service issues. I can handle basic things but contacting support and getting someone who really understands their system is a stretch. They really need to look into their internal structure and cater to their partners who are actually outselling the product.”

Complaint about RingCentral posted on TrustPilot.com (overall rating 1.5 stars out of 5):

“Customer service is non-existent…..and read the fine print in your contract….it automatically renews for 2 years without you doing anything and if you try to get out of it even a day past the contract date they will make you pay the 2 years in full…..total scam! Not willing to work with you at all!”

A RingCentral complaint posted on ConsumerAffirs.org (overall rating of 3.2 out of 5):

“I canceled my service 7/2/21 due to this company taking unauthorized payments out of my checking account…then refusing to refund me. I was hung up on several times after waiting on hold for over an hour and yelled at by one of their reps…I paid a month in advance which was also unauthorized and have yet to receive a refund even though initially I was told it would take 2 to 3 days. I asked them to escalate the issue and send me the call details because the line was not used due to the pandemic. There are less than 10 calls in 8 months and those calls were to set up Voicemail! Their reps are rude and the Customer Service is THE WORST I have ever experienced….take heed and go with another company…I will NEVER again do business with a company that treats customers the way they do!”

The Inferno Rages

These are just four of the hundreds — and at this pace, soon-to-be thousands — of verified testimonials from unhappy current and former RingCentral customers. Sure, even the companies with the world’s best customer service occasionally drop the ball. But when a company has thousands of customers who have absolutely no self-interest to make their criticism public and only do so because they are totally frustrated, then there is more to the story. We all know that “where there is smoke, there is usually fire.” And right now, in the view of many individuals and businesses, RingCentral’s customer service quality is a raging inferno. 

What You Can Do About It

It’s easy to become extremely frustrated with RingCentral, but remember, you are not powerless. On the contrary, you have options. Here are some things that you can do to turn things around, and regain the control that you rightfully deserve:

1. Publicly share your feedback.

We are not in any way advocating that you “smear” RingCentral (or any other company that has let you down). However, as a current or former customer, you have the right to share your feedback on various review-based websites, such as those listed above. If you pursue this option, then keep the following in mind:

Stick to the facts and focus on your direct experiences. Avoid speculating or guessing. 

Although you may be tempted to give RingCentral “a piece of your mind,” do not make any personal (a.k.a. ad hominem) attacks. These kinds of comments will undermine the integrity of your feedback. It may also compel the review site to remove it — which means your story will not be told. 

You certainly don’t have to be a writer in order to share your feedback. What matters is that you are authentic, honest, and fair. However, if writing isn’t a strength of yours (or like many people, you just dislike doing it!), then see if you can get a family member, friend, or colleague to give you a hand. You may also want to look at other well-written reviews for guidance.  

There is no rule about how long a review should be. Generally speaking, the typical length is anywhere from 100-300 words. However, do not hesitate to write more if you deem it necessary based on the unique details of your experience.

2. Cancel your RingCentral contract and (if necessary) return hardware.

We would love to tell you that canceling your RingCentral contract will likely be fast and efficient — but unfortunately, it’s probably going to be a tedious experience. Here is what a former customer posted on ConsumerAffairs.org

This company is the worse company I have ever seen. Their customer service is -10, if you ever need to change a plan or cancel be ready to spend 40 minutes on the phone and if you are mad and not happy they will hang up the phone on you. I tried porting my number to another company years ago since I really need the number. They caused so much trouble where I couldn’t change the company, I have been with them for over 7 years and I just noticed they increased my plan by $30 and added services without me knowing. All the staff are in the Philippines, do not use this company for your services. You will regret it. 

Based on this unsettling insight, here is what your cancelation gameplan should look like:

Call RingCentral to cancel when you have at least an hour of time available. 

Use your hands-free speaker so that you don’t have to cradle a phone against your ear for a prolonged period of time.  

Resist the temptation to say anything that will give the CSR an excuse to hang up on you. They are absolutely looking for any opportunity to stifle your cancelation plans, in the hopes that you’ll just give up and keep paying. 

In addition, if you need to return any phones or other hardware, make sure that you get a tracking number (from UPS, FedEx, USPS, or any other service that you use). They can claim that you never returned the hardware. Unfortunately, this has happened to some customers, including one who wrote the following on ConsumerAffairs.org:

Do not use. I repeat. Do not use this company. They are the biggest scam artist out there. Purchased 2 phones. They told me it will work on the system that I purchased. Come to find out it won’t unless I purchased another line at $360.00 more a year so I canceled my service and returned the phones. Needless to say, the year service I lost was $600.00 plus now I fighting with them for the refund on the phones and by the way, did mention they charged me a $50.00 return fee and now they’re telling me it’s been over 30 days which it was only 3 days, here’s the funny part. The one person I spoke to from customer service barely spoke English wasn’t bad enough but there was a couple of loud crowing roosters in the background. What a joke this company is. They are thieves. Stay away. 

3. Switch to a cloud phone system vendor that puts customer service FIRST!

Once your ordeal with RingCentral is over — and it may take a while, but if you are firm and persistent you will triumph — then you are free to switch to an all-in-one cloud phone system vendor that is relentlessly dedicated to delivering the best customer service in the industry: Carolina Digital Phone!

Here are some of the many testimonials that we’ve received from satisfied customers:

“We’ve been with Carolina Digital Phone for almost three years and the service has been great! Having our phone service hosted in Carolina Digital Phone’s cloud data center on NCREN offers us immediate access to changes and is hosted in a secure backup to route calls to cell phones when we have power failures. The customer support is awesome!”

“The phone service at Carolina Digital Phone is exactly what we wanted. It was so fast and easy to get everything set up and the service and support can’t be beaten. There is never a wait for tech support and they always have had the answer. Even if it is just me asking the same thing over again because I forgot how to do something. But the techs walked me thru it with patience. You get all of this at a very affordable price too!!!!”

“We are so happy to have made the change to Carolina Digital Phone. We have saved over $200 per month and have better quality service than we had before. Customer service is excellent and the phone system is easy to operate and learn. We now have room to grow and expand extensions without having to increase our plan. We also increased our phone features by making the switch to Carolina Digital Phone.”

Carolina Digital Phone’s Support Specialists are highly trained and experienced.

They are also based right here in the U.S., and they are all Carolina Digital Phone employees. Unlike many of our competitors, we do NOT outsource our customer service to a third party. We are accountable to our customers and go above and beyond to make things right. And hey, after more than 20 years of success and growth, we’ve learned a thing or two (or make that two thousand!) about delighting customers and exceeding their expectations.  

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